Sunday, November 09, 2014

Week 5 Summary

The week has been a fun one, and with the theme being comedy, it was to be expected. Housemates impressed Big Brother with their task presentation on Wednesday night and were surprised at how well they handled it. Many told Biggie in the diary room that they thought the task had gone a lot better than excepted. Their hard work was not in vain and helped them win their wager.

There was naturally a fair share of drama with Frankie and Idris getting the brunt of the ladies' wrath, what with Frankie declaring his feelings for Ellah at an inopportune moment and Goitse snapping at Idris' jokes.

Having won Head of House, Idris did his best to remember the lessons he had learnt from Biggie's punishment and had a good reign as this week's leader, even keeping his cool when Goitse got upset.

A few nerves were rattled during the Extravaganza night as Team B decided to turn fellow housemates into their punchlines. Will we see repercussions tonight in the diary room when housemates are yet again obligated to make nominations?

Sheillah and Nhlanhla continued to play their romantic tug-of-war, drawing the rest of the housemates into their trials and tribulations – quite literally, in fact, when a mock trial was held for the two.

Africa also had plenty of opportunity to laugh during Biggie's various freeze tasks. The housemates enjoyed it for the most part, but one or two of them could not handle the clowns and strippers. It will be fun to see what Big Brother has planned for the Hotshots next. What was your favourite moment this week?

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