Sunday, November 23, 2014

Week 7 Summary

After a whirlwind of week it was miracle to see finally see the other side of this week on Sunday. It indeed was Circus and Magic week and the carnival and trickery exceeded our expectations by a mile. From ex-housemates charging in all high and mighty on their stilts to the Hotshots having to juggle all sorts of emotions alongside a bunch of insecurities, things took a turn for the disturbing and downright ridiculous.

There were memorable moments too with Elikem surprising housemates with his tantalising African designs and Goitse bagging herself a win. Join in as we pick up the pieces of a spectacular week of entertainment.

As promised in last week's live eviction show a selection of housemates from previous seasons of Big Brother Africa entered the Hotshots pad. We welcomed the ex-heavyweights as we bade farewell to South African belle Samantha and the numbers man Mr.265.

Come Monday night the ex-housemates made their grand entrance and the drama followed closely behind. Sent on a mission to wreak emotional and psychological havoc with the Hotshots their first act of insolence was to displace them from their beds and comfort zones by dunking all their belongings in an untidy heap down stairs.

Housemates were instructed to freeze as the exes came in but Trezagah seemed to have misunderstood that memo as moved and continued to move. That evening the house was cast in to tricky waters with Hotshots having to adjust to the new presence and pressures. The next day, just to add onto the onslaught, Biggie pulled out his rule book and issued Trezagah with an automatic nomination for moving during the freeze task and Nhlanhla and Sheillah a punishment for constantly breaking the rules and keeping communication a secret from Biggie.

Miss P, Leonel and Elikem assuaged the housemate's senses with their noise and lewd behaviour. While this did wrile up a few for a moment it was small fry compared to the psychological work that Vimbai was doing. She certainly achieved the goal of knocking their game at the knees and her poor targets were Butterphly and Ellah.

After raining on Ellah’s beauty queen parade she hit below the belt with Butterphly as she accused her of being an alcoholic and dragging her (Butterphly) children in it. There was no stopping Vimbai when she started spitting out her venom. 

In light of the upcoming Channel O awards housemates were given a task to create a proudly African song for the "Best Hotshots #TIA" category created especially for Big Brother. Using the hashtag #TIA (This is Africa) Hotshots coupled with the ex-housemate counterpart from their own countries and write a song about one African country. Their motivation was turning negative stereotypes about Africa into a positive representation of the continent.

The highlight of the fashion communities week was when designer Elikem woke up one morning and ordained the day Africa Day and gifted housemates with his elegant and bespoke garments. The house reigned African beauty with the ladies stepping out in style like Nubian princesses they all were alongside a set of regal looking boys.

Biggie also left the housemates to their own devices as he let them conduct their own diary sessions. The Hotshots had to play Biggie to the exes and vice versa. This wasn't their usual diaries as, instead of pouring their hearts out they had to reign themselves in, especially when talking to the opposition. Ellah tried to play her cards close to her chest while Vimbai whipped out her shocker of a lashing tongue when she took her diary session with Macky2.

With fresh faces to wake up to in the morning, a couple of love matches were struck. Hit by the angelic beauty of Feza Macky2 could be seen drifting from Sipe's arms into Feza's soft-hearted embrace. Luclay liked what he saw in Goitse and so, by the looks of things, so did she. But Sipe had always sung Luclay's praises to Goitse and because of her besties crush Goitse couldn’t go there with him. She did however enjoy some of his attention while it lasted.

The exes were starting to label Idris something of a pimp with all his back and forth between the ladies in the house. After "friend-zoning" Ellah, Idris took Feza's advice and tried to work things out with Goitse but was clearly flogging a dead horse so he went right back to Ellah and asked for her "love-back". There were also rumours that M’am Bea had taken a liking to one of the new guys in the house. The way she's blushed around Uti we reckoned he was her guy. But nothing much came out of it sadly.

As they all looked to tonight's eviction show - Hotshots with trepidation and exes with derisive sneers – Elikem, Luclay and Uti sat down with some of the Hotshots and handed them some precious advice, free-of-charge, about how to handle their windfall should they win and generally how all of them should go about navigating the tricky terrain of fame.

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