Tuesday, November 25, 2014

When The Going Gets Tough

Sometimes in life we need a bit of a push, a nudge or even a throttle to propel us forward. Last week proved to be just the kind of impetus the Hotshots needed. In the words of Luclay, or rather "Otono" during one of his infamous rants, you simply can't expect to get by when you're flying under the radar.

Hotshots had to stand up and visibly go get what they want. This was the message and the root of Biggie's most epic prank ever last week. After making it through that, housemates either got back onto the horse with much zeal or faced extinction in the game. There was no turning back.

Having been one of Hotshots to have received the worst and shortest end of the stick, Butterphly had something to prove. Vimbai had butchered her every which way just so she could come alive and "stop being such a pushover", she had said in one of her diary sessions. "Butti" emerged into this week a new person. This morning she told her buddy Idris she was fed up with his insinuations against her. She demanded he stop calling her a drunk.

During the Head of House qualifier it was clear that Macky2, Tayo and the ever competitive JJ wanted the immunity badly, with it being the penultimate week. An HoH win would ensure their place in the coveted final spot but Sheillah failed to see things this way as she complained about being tired of the leadership role.

Either way Macky2 was the winner in the end and was only too happy to unload the burden. Also a player who kept to the background – albeit with a strong presence – Macky2 was primed to enter the ring and fight for his right to be a Hotshot.


  1. Cool MACKY2, thanks macky for being you - always cool and real

  2. Macky 2 for the money

  3. Tayo is strong despite of being nominated West Africans & diaspora let's save our son King tayo.

  4. MACKY 2 - I have come to respect him for - each time he is in a conversation with other hms he talks sense and for Macky 2 to be running an orphanage - that's giving back to his community at that age takes a lot of responsibility, maturity as well as being level-headed. He is such a role model! he deserves all our votes. He needs out support. He is a good example to these youths who think life is all about drinking and getting drunk - to me thus no entertainment atoooooooooooooooooo - Burundi