Friday, November 07, 2014

Wiggle Wiggle

If you thought evicted housemate, Lilian, was the best twerker then you have never seen Biggie's group of twerkers! For the second freeze task of the day, Biggie brought in his girls to twerk up a storm in the house!

It was surprising that the housemates kept it together as the four girls wiggled their buttocks in the housemate's faces. The boys were particularly thrilled at the freeze task and Mr. 265 even exclaimed that that was his best moment in Biggie's house.

Nhlanhla, who had fallen asleep upstairs, received his share of attention from the ladies. Two went up, removed his blanket and wiggled away. He kept his eyes focused as rear's swayed in his face and for a moment we thought his hands would reach out to grab what was in his face!

Tayo and Frankie were in for it as well. One twerker climbed onto the kitchen table and twerked in their faces, threating them to get out of their frozen positions. The boys did absolutely well – they did not flinch from all the activity in their faces but instead kept it together.

When the twerkers finally left, it was as though an uproar had erupted. The boys clearly loved it – Trezagah even asked Biggie for another round! Mr. 265 said that he could freeze for life if the twerkers would come in each time.

Biggie definitely turned things up in the house and excited the housemates. Goitse asked Biggie for a treat for the ladies as they deemed the twerkers a treat for the guys. The house was abuzz with screams and loud conversations. Trezagah said that he wanted to jump up and join them! The freeze task was fun to say the least and the boys could not get over it.


  1. Twerking Queens

  2. niice twerk.Lilian wouldn't av survive this second freeze task.sure she would av twerk along wit d gals....