Sunday, November 09, 2014

Wishful Thinking

If housemates were feeling the pressure of the upcoming evictions they were doing little to show it. Permithias spent the day singing with JJ, while Nhlanhla did what he does best: prepare food. Idris became a little quieter for a while, perhaps silently bemoaning the end of his reign as Head of House.

Ellah did not seem perturbed, but she was thinking a lot about what she would be wearing and how she would look, contemplating her weight fluctuations in the house. She also had the Bible in her hand a lot of the time, so maybe she is a little bit worried. However, she also spoke about being Head of House, so she clearly still has a streak of confidence running through her.

In the kitchen, JJ told Idris that he had known he was going to win Head of House, telling him he had a sixth sense about those kinds of things. Idris immediately wanted to know whether JJ felt he would win again tomorrow and he was told, flat out: "no." Who do you think will be the new Head of House tomorrow?

Chatting with Mr. 265, Idris confessed he did not really feel he had a talent. Maybe he was fishing for a compliment, but if he was it backfired on him. JJ teased him instead, saying his talent was manipulation, even going so far as to tell him: "How many girls have you manipulated into thinking they're just friends?"

Mr. 265 agreed with JJ, the latter telling Idris he was always hanging around "Rapunzel" and "Long Locks". Idris was unsure who he was referring to, but JJ remained evasive, merely content to tell Idris that he was always in their beds, "rubbing them up". Who do you think he was referring to? We might need to tune into our own sixth sense to figure out who JJ is talking about.

Idris got his own back, teasing JJ about his height and suggesting he wear high heels; but JJ and Mr. 265 turned the situation around so that they were teasing Idris again and he walked away, perhaps in an attempt to stay calm.

Housemates only need to keep the peace for a few more hours and then it will be time for evictions, Extravaganza winners and nominations and a slightly emptier Hotshots' house. Stay tuned!

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