Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Yet Another Day

One would think nothing could wake the housemates faster than watching Butterphly dish out another lap dance. However, most of them were more preoccupied with cleaning the house and getting ready for the day. Only JJ and Nhlanhla joined the fun as Idris was treated to his second lap dance.

Idris and Nhlanhla needed the comical moment to smooth out their ruffled feathers after they had argued in the kitchen. As expected, the cause of the tension was the task presentation and hearing out other people's ideas. Nhlanhla told Idris he had to give people credit for their ideas, even if they were not used. Idris felt picked upon yet again and picked sulkily at this breakfast. He had plenty of fans defending him though. If only he could have heard them, he may have felt better.

Meanwhile, Sheillah and Nhlanhla's relationship is still hanging in the balance, and even had Ellah and Butterphly conversing in hushed tones about what was happening between the complicated couple. Goitse started breakfast on her own, still keeping her distance from Sipe. Later in the bedroom, they got ready together, but refused to speak to one another.

Macky2, Mr. 265 and Tayo also started their breakfast, and got to talking about the end of the show and seeing all the evicted housemates again. Tayo fondly mentioned Esther, or Small Pepper as she became known in the house, and Mr. 265 liked the idea of seeing sexy Lily again.

But before they get to that point they still have tasks to complete, Extravaganzas to perform, housemates to send home and relationships to patch up. Who are you are looking forward to seeing again the most?

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