Monday, November 24, 2014

Yet Another Twist

Housemates were thrown into turmoil when Big Brother announced that there was a new twist to the freeze game. Since it is the last nomination week, breaking the freeze rule can no longer carry the consequence of housemates being automatically nominated.

The punishment has been escalated to the prize money being reduced should any housemate move during a freeze task. They have to work together to make sure no one moves, no matter what happens. If anyone does move, Biggie will deduct USD10,000 from the total prize-money amount.

This means that if all twelve housemates move during freeze tasks, USD120,000 will be deducted from the total prize. If the Hotshots want to walk away USD300,000 richer, they must make sure they all remain frozen during the freeze task.

When they heard the announcement, the Hotshots did not believe it at first and thought Sheillah, who briefed them about the twist, was joking. But it’s no joke: Biggie is serious this time round and there's a lot at stake!

As housemates absorbed the news, Goitse suggested they share the money, no matter who won. No one agreed with her suggestion and Sipe  pointed out that if the prize money was reduced, sharing what was left made even less sense.

Sheillah started joking that she would move during the freeze task, but the other housemates told her that was a bad idea, because she could still win the title of ultimate Hotshot and she would be reducing her own prize-money. What did you think of Biggie’s latest twist?