Saturday, November 15, 2014

"You Will Die"

With housemates hard at work – so hard, in fact, they were barely eating – the house was soon filled with music to lighten the mood.

When Team A moved into the bedroom for their rehearsals, Tayo wanted to use Samantha's bag as a prop, to which Sheillah responded: "you will die." He reacted irritably to her response, but Sheillah kept her cool and told him not to overreact and rather ask why she had said it.

Believing that Samantha would not take kindly to someone using her bag, she thought she would warn Tayo. Earlier on, Sheillah had also argued with Goitse over their lines. Are we seeing "boss lady", as the housemates enjoy calling her, emerge again?

In Team B, Trezagah ran through the serenity prayer, which they had incorporated into their script, while Idris stuck to basing his character on Denzel Washington's role in the movie "Flight". It is one of many movies which highlight the importance of drinking responsibly such as "28 Days" and "When a Man Loves a Woman".

They also practised the ad break for the show, with JJ emphasising that the characters for the advert had to be different from the characters in the script. As the afternoon waned, some of the housemates realised they were hungry and headed to one of their favourite spots: the kitchen.

Sheillah drilled her team, determined to win tonight and led her team in song, while Tayo accompanied on the drum. Sipe and Macky2 curled up on the bed together, watching the proceedings. The Hotshots are slowly slipping back into lethargy. Will they be able to find energy for tonight’s performance?

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