Thursday, December 04, 2014

3 Days To Go

Mmamotse Maloka (otherwise known as "Mmamo") came into the house bright and early for the morning exercise. She went about rousing the housemates from their slumber, telling them to join her in the lounge area for their exercise. The hotshots quickly got ready and started out with a warm-up round.

Mmamo was hard on the housemates, calling them out if they suddenly slowed down. She soon got them sweating buckets, huffing and puffing throughout the work-out. The housemates were evidently delighted when the morning exercise was over. Mmamo took the housemates through much needed stretching. Housemates hugged her in bidding her farewell when she left the house.

Butterphly threw herself onto the couch, asking out loud how they were supposed to get through the day if they got so exhausted early in the morning. The lass briefly worked on another one of her poems and minutes later, crept into bed for more sleep.

Nothing could hold Idris back as even the cold he was catching could not succeed in derailing him from playing his game. He went over and sat on top of M'am Bea, teasing her and playing "bicycle" without her consent – not that she minded anyways.

Farmer Brown, JJ, never forgot about their small garden. He was soon watering it before he went over to the wall to continue with writing messages. In the house, M’am Bea continued with cleaning whilst Idris emptied the trash.

With Biggie's music playing in the background, a calm spirit hovered in Biggies house. With only three days to the finale, we hoped that peace would reign in the house.


  1. by far d most boring season of bigbrother, dnt even think anybody deserves to win.

  2. Tayo all the way. Africa no one

  3. Biggie please don't bring anybody with kids, married or in a relationship, we need drama and fun, this bba is very boring.

  4. Am voting for tayo all the way from the Gambia.