Tuesday, December 02, 2014

A New Butterphly

Like the becoming of a butterfly, "Butty" has changed her form and has become an expressive and openly passionate hotshot in Biggie's house. When we first ran into her, The Zimbabwean deejay was a guarded individual who often kept to herself and resorted to sleeping often.

As the weeks went by, the hotshot slowly came out of her shell as she got close to other housemates and also as they ruffled her feathers a bit. Fast forward to the finale week, Butterphly continued to share more of herself through her poetry and even admitted to Biggie that she had learnt to be more open and expressive ever since being in the house. She also said that she was learning to be more confident about herself as a person and her craft.

The hotshots have all been sharing the best of themselves regardless of the fatigue that may be creeping in. Being in the game and staying strong has been a challenge for the remaining housemates as many have also admitted so.

Hotshots continued to work hard on their tasks, however, and prepared for their task presentation for tonight. From an egg, to a larva (caterpillar), to a pupa and finally to a colourful butterfly, the housemates have showed to be creative and bright hotshots that always rise to the occasion. We could not wait to see what they would come up with their task for today.