Monday, December 01, 2014

Changes For The Final Week

Since it was the finale week, Biggie made a few "necessary changes" to the weekly routines of the housemates. Biggie required all housemates to take note of the changes and to stay aware of them. Below are the changes that Biggie made.

Head of House: There would be no Head of House this week. All of the housemates had to assist in the management of the house.

Weekly Task and Wager: Housemates would be presented with a variety of tasks throughout the week. The tasks would be themed around housemates' memories of their time in the Big Brother house and they would have to bring them all together for the final presentation on Friday night.

Housemates had to importantly note that there would be no luxury wager this week but housemates would play for a surprise mega reward on Saturday night.

Extravaganza: The final extravaganza performance would be on Sunday night during the live eviction show and housemates had the week to work on their presentation.

Presentation: Housemates would be asked to do a mini presentation each night, which had to relate to either an aspect of the task or the extravaganza presentation. This meant that Friday’s presentation was a culmination of the week's mini presentations.

This should be an interesting week!

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