Monday, December 01, 2014

Crazy Characters

Big Brother introduced housemates to the first daily task of the week called "Crazy Characters".

Each day the housemates would be asked to draw a name out of a hat and to start things off, Biggie’s ninja came in and this was done. Once they were done picking out the names from the hat, they were given a name tag of the character they picked, which they had to wear on the front of their clothes.

Housemates had begun having fun even before the task had begun, with the name selection. Housemates had to take on the character, mannerisms, style of dress, speech pattern and quirks of personality which typify that character. Housemates were instructed to stay in character at all times and Biggie would let them know when it was time to stop and switch to another character.

Biggie announced that the task had begun and the hotshots switched to their assigned characters. It would indeed be a funny task with the different characters interacting with each other. Below are the first switches made for the task:

JJ – Natasha

Idris – Esther

Sipe – Mr. 265

M’am Bea – Biggie

Macky2 – Trezagah

Tayo – Vimbai

Butterphly – Resa

Nhlanhla - Kacey Moore

Housemates threw themselves wholeheartedly into their crazy characters. M'am Bea, as Big Brother, decided she was going to put the housemates through a diary session.

Idris and JJ had a lot of fun dressing up as Esther and Natasha, respectively. Idris bounced into his "diary session" with a new chest and the Ugandan flag draped across his shoulders.

He nailed his performance expertly, repeating Esther's fondness for giving shout outs to Uganda and even leaping out of the "diary room" to get cigarettes, whereupon he, or she rather, was scolded by "Biggie" for lighting up in the diary room.

JJ had just as much fun portraying Natasha, complaining to Biggie that the other housemates were all dirty and all she did was clean up after them.

M'am Bea made good use of Biggie's favourite sayings, nodding sagely and telling the other housemates "Big Brother understands"; "Big Brother will see what he can do" and "play your game."

The recently-departed Trezagah was brought alive by Macky2, while tiny Sipe did a great job impersonating her fellow countryman Mr. 265. During her diary session with "Biggie" she even arranged her body in exactly the kind of position he would have taken had he been sitting on the couch.

Of course, if she had ever seen Mr. 265 in the diary room, she would have known how much he loved leaning back against the wall while having a chat with Biggie. Upstairs, Sipe continued her performance as Mr. 265, contemplating which woman to pursue: Butterphly or M'am Bea.

As the housemates nodded off into dreamland, Idris and JJ carried on playing with their new characters, and having plenty of fun with it. Who do you think is giving the best performance as another person?


  1. African Union (AU) Chairperson HE D. Zuma wish Tayo lucky as he prepare himself to be crowned on Sunday. Africa don't waste ur votes to Idris and JJ vote Tayo. Plz do not disappoint AU.

  2. Love this guy idriss,he is so entertaining

  3. Tayo, the entertainer.

  4. Tayo is si handsome, sexy.

  5. Tayo the real hotshot. Fuck u Botswana and the rest of SADC/EAC.

  6. Nigerians why all these insults to Botswana and the rest of SADC? Do we deserve this?

  7. Nigerians why all these insults to Botswana and the rest of SADC? Do we deserve this?

  8. Don't mind him my brother, we remain one Africa no matter what. Nigerians luv u all.
    One luv Nigeria One luv Africa. wishes Tayo the Best of luck.

  9. Nigeria is not d one insulting sadc/ EA. They re instigating it by using Nigeria name. God will punish d instigator of dis rubbish. Plse we need your votes.

  10. No thank you Nigeria. After all insults to our reps (Macky2,samantha,miss P& SHEILLA) now u want us to vote rude Tayo?

  11. macky2 is the man

  12. My winner is Samantha

  13. Proudly South African love u Nhlanhla. U are really making SA proud. I am sure people like Luclay and Keagan and the rest of our previous reps are also proud of u. Thankyou for as we about to commemorate OUR Mandela's Passing on 5th December. And Macky2 your late President as your HERO would have been proud of u also. But I know Zambia is proud of u. Play your game guys and continue to be your self

  14. M'am Bea is the really housemate to win

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  16. Idris is my guy!!

  17. Idris is the man,!!!!!!!!!!!