Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Diaries: Strained & Exhausted

This afternoon for a period of time the house was as quiet as a morgue. Where were the famed top eight Hotshots that had been placed by Africa in this final stretch towards the big bucks? Ah yes; housemates were fast asleep with not one in sight to entertain.

In the diary room Biggie simply wanted to know, among other things, how all of them indulging in their siesta was ever going to entertain their fans? While JJ and others pointed out housemates were strained and exhausted from exerting themselves over the past eight weeks from playing the game Biggie empathised but reminded him that winning $300,000 was never going to be a walk in the park. 

It was also the final week and the housemates were tasked to look back to their journey as Hotshots. Biggie wanted to know where their frame of mind lay at this moment in the game and how they were grappling with playing the characters of previous housemates.

Having picked Samantha's name out of the Ninja's hat Idris was very confident that playing the South African lass would be a breeze since, of course, he knew her so well. He compared playing Samantha to enacting Esther, aka Small Pepe, yesterday. For him the two were different and while Esther was as wild as her nick name suggests Samantha wasn't a complicated character to play. We wonder however if he would be able to capture her essence or if he was just looking to scrape at the surface.

Macky2, on the other hand, led the band of the disgruntled who felt that the character changing task had taken its toll on them last night. He protested that in a week where they were supposed to be selling their own characters to Africa they had to enter into another's character, sometimes they even had to impersonate people that hardly knew which added to the challenge.

It seemed fashioned always  followed M'am Bea from Elikem – a fellow Ghanaian fashion designer – coming in as her country mate to now playing the character of Luis who was a model and had a killer fashion sense. But this was about as much as she knew about Luis; this and his famous fixation on Mira. She promised to stop sleeping and entertain before the sun set tonight.

Butterphly, JJ and Sipe also championed this sentiment saying that the characterizations were not only tricky to fully pull off but they were also getting in the way of expressing the potential of their own characters nearing the end. Butterphly was however thrilled that there was no one to tell her what to do during tasks. She could be her own original self. She and the rest were burnt out from campaigning but would do their best.

Tayo was all about getting in the zone ever since he learnt that he was in the top eight. After last week's nasty brawl with evicted housemates Sheillah and his numerous altercations throughout the season he was keeping a cool distance from the drama. He reckoned – perhaps a little late in the game - that he was giving people a platform to shine on his shine and he wasn't going to do that anymore. He was going to use this week as a chance to wipe the slate (of his reputation?) clean.

"Feza", played by Nhlanhla, was last to be called to the diary room. He understood that there was no time for sleeping this last week as there was a lot of work to be put in. To the issue of the sluggish mood inside the house he commented that people were failing to understand that this was the time to have fun and entertain Africa.

He, JJ and Idris were committed to ruffling feathers and getting housemates to have fun this week. Nhlanhla's passion for agriculture grew during agriculture week and he vowed to use his platform from being a Hotshots as a spring board to aid this cause on the continent.

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