Friday, December 05, 2014

Failed Initiation

Just when you thought Butterphly was coming out of her cocoon and blossoming into an independent player she goes off and seeks entrance into the infamous 'Three Suckers' ensemble. Not only that but they were giving her the poor girl the run around; kind of like how your brothers ran away from the sister who wanted to be part of the crew all the while making fun of her. After being Ellah's cheerleader for the longest time we reckon she was certainly jumping from the frying pan to the fire with the boys.

Last night The Three Suckers sat in all their idle glory cooking up yet another prank as part of their campaign to have fun and ruffle feathers in the last week. At first Butterphly took the moral high road and told them she would not be part of such a nasty prank but she later capitulated and was a whole lot more eager to play a small part in the pranking.

But for voicing her opinion she was labelled a "suckateer" by the Three Suckers, alluding somehow to her being an inferior sucker who wouldn't make the cut because she lack the necessary guts.

There was no doubt that guts were something "Buttaphleeza" needed more of, especially going up against the band of the mischievous. She had promised Africa more self-expression earlier in the week and while she was louder and more vocal than the withdrawn character we had gotten used to she was still prone to using someone as her crutch.

After being banished from The Three Suckers club she withdrew to go over her recitations for their upcoming final extravaganza and later, indulge in her favourite past time and sleep. 

Was it really too much to ask Butterphly to spread her wings already?


  1. Wats it wiv d suckers. D0sent mek sence @ all.

    1. At al, just making fool of themselves, wen the show is abt to finish. Too late

  2. She shud just enjoy herself and sop being stuckup

  3. Butterfly refuse to ha ha ha ha!