Friday, December 12, 2014

JJ: Pokello & Elikem's Relationship Is Just A Game

The high profile relationship between socialite Pokello Nare and her Ghanaian lover, Elikem Kumordzie is just but a game, and scary too, said Big Brother Hotshots finalist Jerome Arab, better known as JJ.

Addressing journalists at a local hotel soon after his arrival in the country on Wednesday night, JJ bared his soul.

He said from his personal opinion, any relationship pursued from the Big Brother house was a mere game, with all the hallmarks of being scary.

When asked to elaborate whether Pokello and Elikem's relationship was one such, he replied: "Yes, like I said, personally I think any relationship that starts in the house is just a game, and it's scary."

He cited an example where his love advances were   spurned by South African housemate, Samantha and described the incident as a non event.

"When Samantha snubbed me, it didn't piss me off, it was just a game. She doesn't know the real Jerome, she knows the Jerome who was in the house for money. If she knew the real Jerome, she might have thought otherwise," said JJ.

However, Jerome's perspective on Pokello and Elikem's relationship seems to have credence when one looks at the dramatic turbulence of the relationship.

Last week, the two went all out on Twitter fighting over Elikem's ex-girlfriend whom Pokello warned to stay away from her lover.

Hot on the heels of the much publicised fall out, they made a public appearance last Friday at Long Chen Mall.

The couple publicly displayed affection during the launch of Pokello's shoe range.

Pokello and Elikem met in the reality television show and the latter proposed to the businesswoman live on television.

Zimbabwe's Big Brother Hotshots representatives, JJ and Butterphly arrived safely from South Africa on Wednesday night.

Butterphly, real name Tariro Mharapara said the Big Brother experience strengthened her relationship with God.

"My relationship with God grew in the house. I made a pact with God and he was watching me throughout the show," Butterphly said.

The official Big Brother welcome party for JJ and Butterphly will take place tonight at Columbus Club in Borrowdale, Harare. Top dee-jays TBass and Pee-Styles will be on the decks.

By Nigel Pfunde, The Zimbabwe Mail


  1. Poor JJ, Samantha is not ur type, leave her with Idris.

  2. Buterphly u ddnt entertain us in any way while in da house.

  3. Congratulations to Miss SA Rollene Strauss for winning Miss World 2014 u made SA proud and we love you

  4. Miss World is a Nigerian coz his father was born in Ojo township, Lagos some yrs back and later moved to South Africa.

    1. Are you stupid?.....what on earth are you talking about. And by the way Miss World 2014 is a she not a "he" maybe you have "mr world" in Nigeria

    2. Ooh Nigerians now u claim Miss has Nigeria origin. U pple I think u r missing something in ur head just like Tayo

  5. JJ go feed your pigs, Samantha rejected u period, and leave Pokello and Elikem relationship alone that got nothing to do with u

  6. Jj go and sit down you are not a likeable person

  7. You guys need help,honestly in Nigeria voice you are all mad,is dis wat BBA has turned Africans to? Nonsense!

  8. And what say you now JJ?