Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Late Night Prank

An idle mind is the devils playground, or so the saying goes. With a lot more time and space on their hands some housemates sat down and took stock during this final week aptly themed "Looking back". Well at least this is what some did. Others however, namely Nhlanha and JJ, decided to put their brain power to conniving use in a prank we call "operation pack your bags and go!"

In the wee hours of the morning after waiting for everyone to retire to their beds Nhlanhla and JJ stayed awake like owls in the night; although their mission wasn't quite to watch over the house but rather scheme under the housemates noses. They could be seen whispering and tip-toeing their way up and down the corridors heaving suitcase after suitcase in hand and dunking them on a messy pile out by the garden.

They carried out this ritual in a fit of giggles, ordaining themselves "Pinky and The Brain" as they sniggered and they cleared out the luggage as housemates snoozed through all the mischief.

When morning broke and housemates woke to find their personal belongings stacked in a suspicious heap outside they wondered if Biggie had anything to do with it. Macky2 in particular, who may have woken up on the wrong side of the bed, was perturbed as he circled the mound and grabbed his bags. He pointed out that he hoped it wasn't another one of Biggie's darn pranks as he had had enough. JJ wondered about with Macky2, feigning his bewilderment as he and housemates asked around if anyone had heard or seen anything in the middle the night.

The two were known for their calculating minds so we suspect we haven't seen the last of their "Pinky and the Brain" pranks. In their last days we wouldn't be surprised if they launched a discrete campaign to destabilise their completion by hook or crook.


  1. iam votinG Tayo for the moniiii

  2. Tayo not taking the moni, i can bet on that

  3. Vote Tayo, r u mad or something

  4. Tayo's haters go Nd hug transformer. For all I care