Monday, December 01, 2014

Life On The Outside

JJ shared with his fellow housemates that he wanted to do more work with African musicians and that it was his main reason for returning home. He said that he wanted to add flavour to his music and could not work to begin work on his music.

Macky2 expressed how he could not wait to see what would happen when he went back home. He was also looking forward to going back to his music career and said that he dearly missed studio time.

Idris said that a lot awaited each of them outside of the house and that it would be interesting to see where they ended up and how their lives would change after the Big Brother show. From music, the conversation between the gentlemen and the lady (Sipe) turned into one of Talents.

Curious about each other's talents, the housemates began asking each other what they reckoned the next person was talented in.

It seems that with only a week left for Biggie's show to reach its end, the housemates began thinking seriously about their lives outside of the house. Which housemates are you looking forward to bumping into along the streets?

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