Monday, December 01, 2014

Live Updates: Day 57

19:45 - Sipe receives her Star Meter gift for having what it takes to win.

19:30 -
Housemates sort through their sculpture boxes and try to stay in character.

19:18 -
The storeroom is opened and housemates receive their weekly shopping.

19:03 -
Housemates move outside to start their task presentation.

18:44 -
JJ says that he is not comfortable singing off key on the finale.

18:30 -
A mass misunderstanding means that the housemates are now brainstorming to present their ideas for their extravaganza show on Friday at 7pm.

18:22 -
"Shut up, are you a celebrity?" Tayo channels his inner Vimbai.

18:14 -
Butterphly reads the task presentation again. She reads the new task which is: sculpture. The housemates must make a 3D sculpture which must be presented on Friday.

18:09 -
Macky2 reads through the task again, Idris primps and preens in front of the mirror.

17:53 -
Butterphly uses the GoPro, Idris "My boobs are falling."

17:08 -
Butterphly gets into her role.

16:43 -
Much fun is had with the imitating of the previous and fellow housemates. 

16:27 -
The housemates are told by Biggie that their "task presentation starts now." JJ reads the task out.

16:23 -
The housemates are read a task for them to act as previous housemates. Hilarity ensues.

16:18 - Tayo opens some sparkling wine, get the party started. 

16:00 -
Idris says he expected four to go, he also says that he had a bad week and feels upset that both Goitse and Ellah left the house, "but I don't want to cry, because if I cry it will wash away the pain, and I want to keep the pain inside of me."

15:48 -
Nhlanhla tells Biggie that he has been resting this morning strategising how he is going to play this week. He talks about a solid platform and all the charitable work he wants to do across Africa.

15:43 - Macky2 says he has learnt to control his emotions when people get on his nerves. He's planning to do his best in this week's extravaganza.

15:32 -
Tayo thanks everyone who voted for him. He feels privileged to be in the finale. He is looking forward to seeing the evicted housemates on Sunday.

15:20 -
Idris asks everyone if they went to boarding school.

14:40 - JJ is in the diary room. He talks about his fellow housemates and says it's an amazing feeling to be in the finals with each one of them.

14:52 -
"It was really difficult for me putting Goitse down" says M'am Bea in her diary session to Biggie. She feels that she deserves to be in the house for the finale.

14:36 -
Sipe tells Biggie that she was shocked that Ellah was evicted. She says that she loves the task this week to show Africa her talent so that they don't forget her.

14:26 -
Diary sessions start: Butterphly says that she had an amazing weekend. She feels that she has gone back to her confident younger self, she feels that she has learned a lot in the house. She discusses Mr. 265, JJ and Idris. She feels that there is more intimacy in the house.

14:15 - Butterphly reads out a brief. There is no Head of House this week. All housemates will work collectively in managing the house. "The Big Brother Hotshots Journey" is the theme for this week's extravaganza to be performed during the finale show on Sunday.

14:00 -
Idris and Nhlanhla talk about cutting out corruption, Butterphly is getting tired from throwing the ball back and forth with Idris.

12:40 - M'am Bea and Tayo talk marriage. They agree that partners need to behave and give each other time.

12:28 -
Sipe asks for a Wager whilst JJ says Biggie may want them to Wager the grand prize.

12:10 -
Sipe, JJ, Idris and Macky2 talk about African artistes, traveling and visiting each others country.

12:01 - The housemates are lazing around as the day goes by.

11:29 - Idris asks JJ which talents he thinks he has, JJ says he's not a bad dancer.

11:11 - M'am Bea busies herself around the house. Biggie announces that the storeroom is open.

10:45 - Biggie turns on the music.

10:43 - Idris asks Butterphly why she is using toothpaste on her face.  

10:42 - Macky2 does his laundry  while Tayo relaxes in the garden.

10:20 - Sipe and M'am Bea are busy applying makeup.
10:05 - Housemates are individually making themselves breakfast. JJ said this week it's every man for himself!

09:45 - Idris is hard at work outside, lifting some weights.

09:30 - Some music plays in the house.

09:20 - JJ and Macky2 prepare breakfast as they sing.

09:14 - JJ says "I'm going to play pranks on people this week. No one can nominate me!"

09:12 - RJ leaves the house.

09:10 - Nhlanhla is the last to sing and fellow housemates join him as he sings one of Permithias' songs.

09:00 - Shower hour starts.

08:55 - Tayo sings a song by Permithias.

08:30 - RJ asks all housemates to do solos, M'am Bea goes first and the rest follow.

08:00 - Vocal coach RJ Benjamin is in the house to take finalists through some singing practice.

*** All times CAT (GMT +2)


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