Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Live Updates: Day 58

21:12 - The "Three Suckers" are dancing to Biggie's music outside.

19:30 -
The housemates quickly went through their task presentation and it seemed the groups had their ducks in a row.

19:10 -
JJ led the group and ordered how each member would present their idea. Tayo said that he would play the drum as it had carried him through the game.

19:00 -
Housemates are ready to present their plan of how they would go about in displaying their individual talents on the live show.

18:40 -
JJ rallies the troops and goes through what they are all going to do for the presentation. Tayo pouts while Idris looks through the pictures.

18:30 -
Biggie tells the housemates that they have half an hour to their presentation. Tayo and Idris carry on their verbal fight. "Shut up, I don't want you to break another thing." "The only thing you will break is your dignity." Insults are flying back and forth.

18:17 -
"Samantha and Idris, that was a strange relationship." Idris and Tayo shout at each other. Tensions are high.

18:00 -
Biggie tells the housemates that they have one hour until they present.

17:53 -
"Everyone is becoming so sensitive, I should rater just keep my mouth shut." says Sipe.

17:42 -
JJ, Idris and Nhlanhla are working on the memory wall. 

17:10 - Housemates busy themselves with their presentation sculptures.

16:25 -
Nhlanhla enters into the diary room in character. He discusses his passion for agriculture. 

16:12 -
Tayo feels that everyone is keeping quiet because they do not want to jepordize their chances of losing the USD300 000.

15:59 -
Sculptures are being made and Idris is clowning around.

15:46 -
M'am Bea says that he was quite reserved but he was "showing off six-pack but I don't have a six-pack." She talks about what she is going to do when she gets out of the house.

15:44 -
Butterphly is enjoying the memory wall task, "It's going to be epic."

15:33 -
Sipe says that she finds it difficult to play Alusa. She says that she misses Resa and Goitse very much.

15:30 -
JJ feels that the housemates are all drained from the past eight weeks.

15:20 -
Macky2 says that he feels Idris and JJ are playing their characters the best.

15:10 - Idris tells Biggie that playing Samantha will chill him out a little bit.

15:02 -
Biggie has to call Idris twice to come to the diary room.

14:40 -
Biggie wakes the sleeping beauties and tells them to go outside and start with their memory wall task.

14:26 -
Sleep seems to be the order of the day, perhaps the pressure and stress of making it through to the final eight has finally caught up to them as everyone (apart from Macky2) is fast asleep.

13:47 -
The energy levels in the house seems to be extremely low.

13:27 -
Butterphly calls the housemates into the living room to read out the task brief. Memory Wall, they are to present a "collage of memories"

13:05 - M'am Bea reads out a clarification message from Biggie telling them not to take the task so literally.

12:53 -
Butterphly/Elikem does her make-up while M'am Bea washes the dishes, something Luis didn't always do.

12:40 -
JJ/IK reads out the script for the task.

12:33 -
M'am Bea will act as Luis, Tayo as Sheillah, Nhlanhla as Feza, Idris as Samantha, JJ as IK, Macky2 as Mira, Butterphly as Elikem and Sipe as Alusa.

12:18 - Biggie tells the housemates to commence their 'crazy characters' task.

12:12 -
Biggie's ninja comes into the house and M'am Bea reads out the new task. Housemates have to choose new characters for today.

12:02 -
Sipe is busy creating, busying herself around four silver pillars, singing quietly to herself as she maintains close proximity to her unrequited love, Macky 2.

11:47 -
Macky 2's sculpture starts to take shape.

11:32 - Tayo and M'am Bea have a chat in the kitchen discussing who he wants to work with as an actor when he leaves the house.

10:57 - Idris makes M'am Bea laugh as he says that he is going to teach her how to speak English... "Please bring my drink."

10:50 - Sipe joins JJ and Macky2 outside.

10:37 - Macky2 and JJ continue working on their crafts outside, the house is so quiet today.

09:44 - JJ works on his craft outside.

09:35 - It's a quiet day in the house.

09:13 - Each housemate makes their own breakfast.

08:45 - The boys retreat outside to lift the weights.

08:39 - The morning sessions ends and Bontle gives each of the finalists a hug and they take a group photo.

08:13 - The session kicks off with stretches.

08:09 - Some music is played and housemates join Bontle downstairs.

08:00 - Bontle sets up the lounge before the workout session begins. Macky2 is at hand to help her.

07:45 - Exercise instructor, Bontle enters the house and wakes up the remaining housemates.

07:30 - Macky2 is already up wandering around the house. The rest of the housemates are still asleep.

*** All times CAT (GMT +2)


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