Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Live Updates: Day 59

20:55 - Nhlanhla wins the GH Mumm race! Idris and Sipe are the runners up.

20:39 -
Nhlanha and Sipe are head to head in the race for the prize but Nhlanhla's car seems to be undergoing some technical difficulties. 

20:20 -
Biggie's ninja guides housemates through the race track game in an initial test before the games begin.

20:05 -
Housemates, clad in red racing overalls, await further instructions from Biggie.

19:50 -
Immediately after their campaigning Biggie gives housemates a task in which they must race to win a GH Mumm prize. 

19:35 - The Hotshots commence their presentation as they campaign for votes from Africa.

19:05 -
JJ helps M'am Bea with her dress as their moment to campaign inches closer. 

18:45 - The house is silent as the Hotshots prepare their 50 minute speeches campaigning for votes from Africa.

18:36 -
Biggie tells the housemates to go indoors and close the doors and that they have 30 minutes to go before their task presentation.

18:21 -
Macky2 irons his clothing for tonight's presentation.

18:01 -
Butterphly reads out a task for tonight's presentation. Present a 50 second speech to Africa asking Africa to vote for them. "Trez, you would have nailed this."

17:45 -
Idris takes over the memory wall.

17:11 -
Butterphly, JJ and Idris chat in the garden. "You and I haven't written anything about Samantha yet."

16:52 - Macky2 talks about the place he worked at before and how he saved up money to start his own studio.

16:30 -
Sipe does a pitch perfect Frankie. Idris fills his mouth with food.

16:12 -
JJ cooks and Butterphly, Macky2 and Sipe were talking about music and songs and then Idris came and they started talking about the task. The conversational turns to drugs.

15:56 -
Everyone is discussing the task presentations, some are singing.

15:38 - Sipe, Macky2, Butterphly and Nhlanhla discuss their passwords and pin numbers for their banks etc. They say they are going to have difficulty in remembering their passwords for when they go back online.

14:49 -
Sipe/Frankie is called for her/his diary session. Sipe nails Frankie. She finds the Three Suckers are being annoying.

14:43 -
Nhlanhla as Denzel is in the diary room, he discusses his nipples and his bow tie.

14:20 -
Idris talks about the name "The Suckers" he says that it is the last week in the house so why not have fun?

14:11 -
JJ is Uti in the diary room as well. "These Hotshots are a bit too worried about this and a bit worried about that, they are a bit tense."

14:07 -
Tayo tells Biggie that he chose to be chilled and relaxed this week."we all know what Lilian does, she twerks twenty times a day" he says he is proud to have Lilian's name on his chect. He promises to twerk.

13:46 - Tayo is talking about partying hard on Sunday, "I will jump into the crowd and play with everybody"

13:38 -
JJ and Idris have been choses as the directors.

13:22 -
Idris reads out the addition to the extravaganza task, they need to choose a director for Friday night and one for the Extravaganza finale in the finale.

12:45 - Macky2 spits out his rhymes while Idris works on the memory wall, Biggie plays music in the house.

12:32 -
Idris does a great interpretation of Luclay.

12:18 - M'am Bea washes the dishes, Sipe and Butterphly work on their task presentation while Tayo sings.

11:37 - Biggie's Ninja is in the house and housemates have to pick new characters for today; Nhlanhla will act as Denzel, M'am Bea as Ellah, Idris as Luclay, Macky2 as Goitse, Butterphly as Laveda, Sipe as Frankie and JJ as Uti.

11:32 - Housemates are told to gather in the living room.

11:30 - Tayo sits all alone outside near the Jacuzzi.

11:29 - Sipe is having a relaxed day – reading while Idris and M'am Bea continue bonding.

11:12 - Idris and M'am Bea bond as she applies makeup.

10:58 - JJ and Butterphly chat about Sunday.

10:57 - Sipe takes a nap as Macky2 works on his rap song.

10:44 - Idris and JJ monitor their garden, the boys seem fascinated by it’s progress.

10:28 - More housemates gather in the kitchen area and crack jokes.

10:19 - Macky2 raps up a storm in the kitchen.

10:12 - Nhlanhla, JJ and Idris gossip about Ellah.

09:50 - Nhlanhla does the dishes, while Idris has his breakfast.

09:33 - Pranksters: Nhlanhla and JJ settle for breakfast in the kitchen.

09:18 - JJ waters the garden and wonders at how fast the beans have grown.

09:00 - The housemates work on their "wall of rememberance".

08:45 - Clint's session is still on with the housemates paying utmost atention, he shares that if they are to work, they've to create their own opportunities.

08:10 - Clint Brink is in the house to share some advice about the entertainment industry with the finalists.

*** All times CAT (GTM +2)


  1. Admin writers don't tell me you forgot who Tayo is going to act his or her character. I can't see his name here

  2. TAYO deserves to win he is the loud,crying guru,drum guru,the way he walks paaaw,his sense of fashion paaw AFRICA LETS do this vote AKINTAYO i justlove this guy

  3. SIPE when she is talking about makeup you can think she does it cool though i dont see nothing"BORING" vote TAYO

  4. Singing this song for Tayo.......Tayo is not perfect, yes he does worng , He is trying his best but aint good enough...........though he aint good enough but Africa loves you. His story can be likened to how God still loves us despite our imperfections. Thanks Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Rest of Africa, Botswana for voting your boy Akintayo. He will always make us proud. Asante!

  5. botswana with how he insulted miss p and are dreaming .keep on dreaming

    1. dreams become reality u this sis/bro.

  6. Nigeria has votes from Rwanda, ROA, Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Liberia& Cote d'ivoire

  7. Tayo u will reap what you saw

    1. Yes dear, he saw the money and he will surely reap it!! Thank u africa!!

  8. Tayo Insult after insult now want the same countries to vote you?

  9. Tayo for the moniii im so voting all the way from the motherland South Africa hahahahahhh

  10. All we do here is talk abt Tayo, Tayo the hotshot! Tayo the most popular!! Whether we like him or not, we cant deny that... We all cant stop talking abt him... Lets just vote for the one who has so kept us glued to the tv, who has kept us entertained, who has kept us occupied here!! Vote Tayo!

  11. Thank u Africa for voting Tayo, God bless u all. Vote Tayo

  12. We are voting from togo for tayo