Thursday, December 04, 2014

Live Updates: Day 60

20:45 - Housemates enjoy the spoils from the storeroom and start reading the labels on the bottles.

20:30 -
The task is over and Biggie opens the storeroom. Housemates remain in character for a while and throw back shots.

20:09 -
M'am Bea and Idris are on stage as Ellah and Denzel.

19:58 -
The interview task starts with JJ as IK.

19:49 -
Housemates are called outside by Big Brother for their task presentation.

19:35 -
Preparations begin for the task, as housemates search for clothing to use as part of their costumes and practise their new voices.

19:16 -
Housemates gather in the lounge and receive their latest task.

18:41 -
Butterphly and Idris wake up and work on their raps.

18:23 -
M'am Bea puts the finishing touches on her dish.

18:04 -
Sipe and Tayo help M'am Bea in the kitchen.

17:34 -
M'am Bea continues cooking, while Tayo entertains himself singing and moonwalking. Sipe keeps them company, while the rest of the housemates sleep.
17:15 - Tayo drums on the kitchen tables and M'am Bea accompanies him with song.

16:45 -
Sipe, Idris and Macky2 are sleeping. What could they be tired from?

16:20 -
Nhlanhla and JJ share a late lunch. What happened to the third leg? Idris?

16:05 -
M'am Bea has been on her sketch pad for the better part of the day today.

15:50 -
JJ and Nhlanhla are making themselves a late lunch and are considering pranking Idris. Would that be fair though as he is one of them?

15:32 - Sipe and Butterphly are talking about their relationships with different characters in the house and both admit that getting close to people is challenging.

15:00 -
Tayo and M'am Bea share a late lunch.

14:25 -
Nhlanhla and Idris "water" JJ outside, Idris says that they are going to apply mature so that he grows.

14:20 -
Macky2 talks about his movement back home that helps him reach out to local communities.

14:10 -
Butterphly talks about Macky2 being rude to her today morning.

14:00 -
JJ says playing Miss P sucks.

14:20 - Macky2 says that he has created his own "memory wall" on his t-shirt for the people back home.

14:00 -
Butterphly says that the house is perhaps less tense because they all know that they are going home on Sunday - with or without the money.

13:50 -
Idris says that he does not want to think too much this week. He says he just wants to have fun.

13:40 - Tayo tells Biggie that his new best friend is the Jameson bottle!

13:30 -
Sipe says that she misses Goitse most because she understood her in a way that none of the other housemates did.

13:18 -
Nhlanhla send a shout out to Sheillah and tells her he misses her. He told Biggie that he felt love for Sheillah.

13:05 -
M'am Bea is first up in the diary room. She tells Biggie that Sunday will take care of itself.

12:15 - Housmates are working on their presentations. It's all coming together before the big day.

11:45 -
Butterphly is hard at work... are you snapping your fingers yet?

11:30 -
M'am Bea showing off some dance skills!

10:30 -
Tayo couldn't be more happier to have picked out Permithias as a character to imitate!

10:16 - Biggie's ninja is in the house. Housemates pick out their next characters to act out today.

09:49 - Idris is called to the diary room, he asks Sipe what she was told when she went in there moments earlier.

09:45 - Some music plays in the house.

09:40 - JJ works on the wall of remembrance.

09:10 - Sipe is called to the diary room.

09:07 - The store room is now open for rubbish, says Biggie.

09:00 - Hot water is now available, says Biggie. Idris says that Biggie should stop introducing himself because they know him already.

08:59 - M'am Bea and Idris crack jokes outside.

08:56 - Butterphly is speaking French this morning, the bug bits Idris too.

08:55 - Biggie says one housemate should report to the diary room.

08:45 - The workout session ends, Mmamo thanks housemates for taking part.

08:15 - Biggie plays some music in the background as housemates exercise.

08:01 - JJ: "Keep left before someone runs into you."

08:00 - The morning exercise session starts, housemates are taken through their paces inside the house by instructor Mmamo Maloka.

07:45 - Idris wakes up and sits on his bed, Tayo also jumps out of bed only to go back moments later.

07:43 - Biggie calls one of the housemates to the diary room.

07:40 - M'am Bea finally gets up first as usual.

07:30 - Biggie sounds the alarms but still no one wakes up, they all toss and turn under the sheets.

*** All times CAT (GMT +2)



  2. mahhhhhhn i just love Idris and i ask my self who doesnt love him ,though im voting Tayo all the way from S.Africa

  3. Tayo faniran all the way

  4. Voting Tayo all day!!! Africa pls vote 4 entertainment. Tune 4 entertainment tonyt as Tayo, sipe nd manbee makes my night. Thanks guy. Am a lover of entertainment nd nt gossips and am sure Africa is watching too.

  5. Idris was THE BEST

  6. vote macky222222222222222222 this guy knows how to live with others

  7. voting macky2 all day; pls lets vote for him his get talent and swag pis africa

    1. am also voting 4 macky2 this guy is cool I just love him. vote vote mack2 vote macky2

    2. vote macky2 from bots coz he never said bad things about women

  8. The house would have been better without Tayo. He was the most annoying of them all and showcased the worst characters Africans should not have.....super ego, boastful, loud, macho, violent and just lacked talent. If he "wins", I will consider it cooked and close my doors to to BBA forever. The best Housemate should win.

  9. Instead of U closing ur doors to BBA forever why can't U comit suicide to end ur miserable life.U want to kill bcos of someone God has destined to Win

  10. be ready to commit suicide blc Mackay 2 is not winning. he is such a bore and dark heart.