Saturday, December 06, 2014

Live Updates: Day 62

20:50 - Housemates go into the auditorium and sit down for their special dinner.
20:11 - Housemates put the finishing touches on their outfits for tonight.

19:45 -
JJ takes a nap, while the rest of the housemates continue getting ready for dinner.

19:30 -
M'am Bea works on her nails and Nhlanhla irons. Sipe and Butterphly talk about seeing their former housemates again.

19:15 -
Sipe does Butterphly's make-up.

19:08 - Idris and JJ jump into the bath together.

18:45 -
Nhlanhla steam irons one of the ladies' dresses for them.

18:32 -
Housemates are confined to the bedroom by Biggie.

18:15 -
Big Brother tells the housemates to move inside.

18:00 -
Macky2, Idris, Tayo, Nhlanhla and JJ are drumming and rapping.

17:45 -
The boys hang out together and take it easy.

17:30 - Big Brother asks one of the housemates to come to the diary room and they send M'am Bea.

17:09 -
Nhlanhla, JJ and Idris chat about what they look for in a woman and say that they love "chilled girls".

16:50 -
JJ asks Biggie to turn the music down so he can rehearse.

16:32 -
JJ seems to think he can do a better job than Butterphly at her own poem.... hmmm

16:00 -
Nhlanhla and JJ finally make time for their laundry as M'am Bea prunes and pampers herself after a hard day of toiling about the house, cleaning.

15:40 -
Nhlanhla and JJ suggest that Macky2 bring them on board for his next recording project.

15:17 - Macky2, Nhlanhla and JJ chat about moving around in industry circles.

14:53 -
M'am Bea and JJ serve the house a hearty lunch.

14:30 -
Tayo and Nhlanhla share some philosophical and moral values they uphold.

14:05 -
Tayo just landed on the ground on his bottoms and claims, to JJ and Butterphly that he staged it all to see if he had any friends left.

- Housemates talk creativity and the challenges of remaining consistent as an artist.

13:33 -
Out of the speakers Biggie plays none other than "Mira, Mira on the wall". An official recorded track of the song Luis and Permithias penned over the season.

13:15 -
Butterphly recites her verse alongside the others as their extravaganza hip hop piece takes shape.

12:56 -
Tayo plays the drum in the background as housemates rehearse their last extravaganza.

12:52 - Butterphly thanks Africa and Biggie for the ooportunity through a rap song. Sipe also showcases her rap abilities as drum king Tayo plays his part.

12:39 -
Sipe tends to her laundry as she chats with bestie Macky2.

12:20 -
Housemates join Butterphly in a cleaning spree.

11:49 -
Butterphly empties the Jacuzzi.

11:13 -
Idris asks Butterphly what she misses the most, she says Radio as it's a lot of fun. She also tells Idris that he wouldn't make a good presenter but a co-presenter as he’s funny.

11:10 - Idris joins Butterphly outside and the chat the morning away.

11:00 - JJ and Macky2 take naps but the music continues to play.

10:43 - The store room is now open, says Biggie.

10:40 - Biggie continues to play some music as Idris spends the morning dancing, having fun just like he said in the final.

10:26 - Idris is back in-front of the mirror, dancing.

10:22 - After dancing for a while, Idris takes a break and eats some cereal.

10:10 - Idris dances infront of mirror to some African fine tunes.

09:50 - Macky2 and Sipe join laundry queen Butterphly as they tend to theirs.

09:35 - JJ and Idris relax after taking their showers.

09:20 - Butterphly does her laundry.

09:00 - Nhlanhla and JJ settles for bowls of cereal after the intense work out with Nico.

08:35 - Nico's morning exercise session with the housemates comes to an end, nice job Nico!

*** All times CAT (GMT +2)


  1. i seee you Permithias aaaaaaaah that track though along side with Luis whttttttttttttttt i wil miss all the hotshorts buh i enjoyed this show i so wish it was 91 Day but to biggie and his crew i salutE you guys you brought the best i can nEver Thought of biggie bEE ,.,.I love you you you you and you voting tayooo yo yo yo yooooo...Thank you Big Brother ,.,.,Biggggie ke Bosssso

  2. Can U see what am seeing...... Tayo in first position,macky 2 taken d second position third position congratulations.

  3. BBA MGT pls we don't want teenagers next year please do something about lt some of dem are not mature is only butterfly,Sipe,Tayo,Mackey2 and M'am mae dat are matured Odas are fake and kids.

  4. West Africa United. Mambea and Tayo.

  5. u re right lots of d housemates were fake & immature esp d female despite their matured bodies lolol.... except tayo who's so real he gave viewers somfin 2 talk abt. unlike odas "mute" until lately they decided to show entertain viewers which was kind of too late. lol medicine after death. ( Tayo is d winner)