Sunday, December 07, 2014

Live Updates: Day 63/Finale

21:00 - And its a wrap Africa, a big Thank You to all the fans who kept it here. Catch you next season! 
20:57 - Idris is announced the winner of Big Brother Hotshots!

20:55 - Idris and Tayo, the top 2 Hotshots chat with IK on stage.

20:18 - M.I from Nigeria performs "Bad Belle"

20:17 - Nhlanhla and Macky2 are evicted.

20:12 - More highlights from the season are shown.

20:01 - Sipe and JJ have a chat with IK. Sipe says she'd like Macky2 or Idris to win while JJ is torn between Idris and Nhlanhla.

19:55 - JJ and Sipe are given their marching orders to leave the house.

19:47 - Butterphly and M'am Bea talk to IK about their time in the house and they watch their highlights packages.

19:41 - Unathi Msengana performs "Run"

19:40 - Butterphly and M'am Bea are evicted first.

19:39 -
IK tells the top 8 to stand up. He mentions their names: M'am Bea, Idris, Sipe, Nhlanhla, JJ, Tayo, Butterphly and Macky2.

19:33 - Luis and Mira come on stage and talk to IK about their relationship. They confirm that they're dating.

19:31 - More highlights from the season, this time on romance in the house.

19:27 - The 8 finalists showcase their talent in a final Extravaganza.

19:22 - ONE Campaign stars led by D'banj perform "Cocoa Na Chocolate"

19:18 -
IK has a chat with the finalists and then then more highlights from the season, this time about Figgie.

19:14 - The season's Extravaganza highlights are shown.

19:10 - Highlights of the final week are shown.

19:09 -
Host IK steps on stage and mentions the 8 finalists: Butterphly, Idris, JJ, Macky2, M'am Bea, Nhlanhla, Sipe and Tayo.

19:05 - The finale starts with an amazing performance from the 18 evicted Hotshots.

18:00 - The Big Brother Hotshots finale Red Carpet starts on Channel 198 with hosts Vimbai and Carol. The grand finale starts in exactly one hour.

17:03 - After their final rehearsal, housemates are now passing time as the live show approaches.

16:12 -
Housemates squeeze in some extra rehearsal time for tonight's Extravaganza.

15:52 -
Butterphly raps to herself in the bedroom, while M'am Bea carries on cleaning the kitchen.

15:30 -
M'am Bea is still in the kitchen, Tayo laces his shoes while Macky2 looks on.

14:36 -
Butterphly lounges around and Macky2 sleeps while JJ busies himself around the house, each handling their stress in their own unique way.

14:06 -
The house is quiet as the last eight relax and await their fate.

13:47 - Nhlanhla, JJ and Idris discuss women.

13:21 -
JJ tells Idris that he is a player. "Okay, maybe it's the wrong word, maybe you are a smooth talker."

13:00 -
JJ and Nhlanhla both agree that a ONE needs somebody who respects everyone and that Tayo is not a fitting candidate judging by the way he addresses people.

12:40 - Housemates are done with their rehearsal and director JJ has allowed the housemates to go about their business and was clearly happy with the progress made.

12:15 -
The housemates ask Big Brother to turn the music down as they wanted to practice their extravaganza performance.

11:45 -
M'am Bea is busy in the kitchen, probably working on the next meal for the housemates. Tayo is still giving shout-outs in the background and motivates more of his family members to join him as he pursues agriculture.

11:15 - Tayo is dancing up a storm on his own. Looks like the whiskey he has been having has provided an extra surge of energy!

11:00 -
JJ finally rises to get his hair shaved.

10:20 - Butterphly, Nhlanhla, Sipe and JJ are all sleeping. They have all had their hair done except for JJ.

10:00 - While the rest of the hotshots get their hair done, Macky2 and Idris have a chat and both decide today should be a day of shout outs!

09:40 - M'am Bea talks about how she cannot wait to see her family! We are sure that the feeling is mutual amongst the housemates.

09:20 - It's all about the hair as housemates get their looks done!

09:00 - Housemates promise to go crazy at the after party tonight!

08:45 - The hair session starts for the finalists. Macky2 in in first and M'am Bea soon joins him.

08:30 - Housemates pack their bags.

08:15 - Biggie is playing some music and Sipe can't help but pause on her packing and wiggle a bit.

07:40 - Tayo gets very angry with Nhlanhla and especially JJ for comments they made after they were pranked. He threatens to deal with JJ outside the house!

07:25 - In a confrontation, JJ tells Tayo that he will not allow him to talk to him as he did to Sheillah.

07:20 - Tayo, Butterphly and M'am Bea revenge on The Three Suckers by pouring a mixture of rotten eggs and flour over them while sleeping.

*** All times CAT (GMT +2)


  1. jj and butterphly all the way

  2. Admini leave Tayo alone.

  3. Lagos we r just waiting Tayo's official announcement as a new BBA hotshot winner. Nigeria we r proud of u

  4. Replies
    1. JJ and his gang of misfits played a prank on Tayo by trying to poison him and no mention was made of it by this Admin. Very biased reporting I would say.

    2. Kwaaa where is Nigeria. Let Jonathan give him 300000 dollars

  5. oga fun Tayo oooo. Cant he tolerate people for once in his life!

    1. Why were they picking on Tayo? Is it bcos they know he's a strong contender?

    2. weda dos pretendin sukers lyk it or nt Tayo is d hottest shot cos is so real and a vry beautiful entertainer

  6. Mobolade haha se oye koma bu Tayo nibiyi laiwa idi oro,Tayo haters leave him alone he has been crown Africa ambassador very soon he win d molla so leave him,JJ is a green snake he deserves dat insult and threat

  7. Admin or what do U call urself d writter is always biased in his write up why?while Nlan and Sheilla made love no report on dat........when Idris broke door no punishment and report on dat.......when three suckers are trying to frustrate Tayo we did not hear anything......but anytime Tayo react to response everybody will no about why admin?let me worn U don't try to rub us dis time Tayo is d hottest and d most entertainer among d HM,pls give him his prize.

    1. What Prize? One of the MISFITS took it kwaaa. Just donate for ur crybaby

    2. What prize? One of the MISFITS took it, kwaaa. Donate for ur STUPID crybaby

  8. immaculate nwosuDec 7, 2014, 6:26:00 PM

    Yes tayo is the hottest

    1. Whatever this Admin writes is inconsequential anyway bcos this is not even a recognised Or official BBA site. Africa knows who the Hotshot is, and that is Akintayo the father of Akintoye. Go on Tayo Africa is behind u. I'm sending this in from Rwanda

    2. We are proud of U mk macky2

    3. Sorry Macky, was routing for u, Nhlanhla and Idris. SA