Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Diaries: No Reservations

The Three Suckers were on everyone's lips during the diary sessions and Big Brother referred to it as a situation of us verses them. M'am Bea was not impressed and thought that they were being offensive, while Sipe felt like a mother who constantly had to scold and look after little children.

The Three Suckers explained their actions to Big Brother, telling him that they just wanted to have fun during the final week. However, JJ said they were going to put a stop to the pranks as they were being taken the wrong way.

Idris did not see the point in being tense and serious anymore, and Nhlanhla said that while everyone else viewed them as immature he thought they all needed a space to unplug. He thought the reason behind the frustration and tension in the house was because people were not unplugging.

Tayo did not seem perturbed by The Three Suckers, but was taken aback that he had been involved in a fight with Idris as it had never happened before. Idris said he had been holding back on Tayo, but decided that if he was shouted at one more time he would let go and make his feelings known, which is exactly what happened.

Biggie also wanted to know about the characters they were portraying. Tayo was honoured to be playing Lilian and Biggie could not wait to see him twerk. JJ told Biggie, as Uti, that the Hotshots were not as fun and laidback as they had been. As JJ, he admitted it was tricky to stay in character all the time.

As soon as Idris realised Biggie was talking to him as Luclay he seamlessly slipped into character. Nhlanhla also had a lot of fun with his characterisation, coming into the diary room sporting a bright blue bow tie in honour of Denzel.

Macky2 said that if he could choose any character to play, besides himself, it would be Tayo. Using this persona he would have a lot of fun and give Tayo "a piece of his own medicine." Butterphly was having difficulty playing Laveda, outlining her as dramatic yet subtle. Having a saxophone would have helped her a lot with her characterisation. If she could choose anyone to play, it would be the animated Permithias.

Sipe did an excellent job portraying Frankie's body and accent in  the diary room and said that her current favourite impersonation was Nhlanhla as Denzel. M'am Bea was expressing Ellah's character, a lady who she said was very humble and soft-spoken, always seen expressing herself through song and nursing a glass of wine.

During the voting process for the two directors Sipe, Macky2 and Tayo were not happy to have received votes, as they were not at all keen to direct. They told Biggie they were happy with the final directing results, as were the rest of the Hotshots. Make sure you keep on watching to see them change characters and refine their Friday task presentation and the Extravaganza for the finale this Sunday!


  1. Voting for Jj for the mooler

  2. Voting tayo for d monii

  3. When sheila was around nhlanhla was barely socialising with other he's doing so,does he mean he's faking it or has been pretending all along????

  4. Voting idris for d money

  5. Voting JJ 4 e cash

  6. I don't care if they were faking. I'm enjoying the 3 suckers. imagine we have to watch all the rest sitting and doing nothing, being themselves. love the 3 suckers. hope one of them wins the cash

  7. Those supporting those blood suckers will regret 4reva. U blood suckers tu.

    1. Whats your problem with the suckers. The BBA is about entertaining my dear. Dont be naive.

  8. My vote goes to macky2222222

  9. Voting tayo u mitches go die

  10. I giv my al 2 u Macky2 luv u boy,its u 4 de muller