Saturday, December 06, 2014

On The Homestretch

We were here; just a couple of moments before the winner was announced and the curtains were drawn on a spectacular season of Big Brother Africa. At this very final stage of the game it was safe to say that housemates had put in the work, whether authentic or not – usually a mix of both. Some housemates, like Tayo, had already started taking stock and could be seen pensively looking out into the distance pondering their next move after, of course, bagging – or not bagging – the big bucks come the grand finale on Sunday evening.

Housemates were coming to the realisation that their time on the show was certainly not in vain, whether they took the money home or not. They were already winners with all the exposure to opportunity they had already received. This morning Idris sat down with the Butterphly as she attended to a mountain of laundry and the two friends shared their hopes, dreams and plans when the leave the house tomorrow.

Butterphly came in a wordsmith and showed Africa just how talented a poet she was. While she wasn't quite sure where she would start but she was going to venture into music and get her business idea's off the ground. She had certainly made her mark as one of the brightest sparks and communicators inside the house.

Idris wanted a comedy show all to himself. He was shooting for the stars with his talent as comic and one day hoped his show could land a slot in an international comedy channel like Comedy Central. He advised Butterphly to write for as many mediums as she could on the outside.

The others also shared their future plans with Biggie in the diary room not so long ago. M'am Bea wanted to build on her fashion dream by hosting a fashion show of her designs. She was also going to give back to her community by mentoring the youth in some way. The ONE Campaign and "Do Agric" tasks had left an impact on her.

Nhlanhla was also affected by Agricultural week a couple of weeks ago. He was referring to himself as not only a hustler but also a farmer with plans to grow his footprint in the African agricultural space.

Tayo had plans to build a strong base in the Nigerian and African entertainment industry but more than anything he was thrilled to meet and finally begin to raise his new born son, Toye. Having exhibited a unmatched talent in playing the drum and chanting he displayed potential as a percussionist of sorts.

JJ could only described as a jack of all trades. The composer, director, musician, actor and future restaurateur saw his name in lights. A self-proclaimed underdog he wanted people to know that he could do anything he put his mind to – and indeed, upon leaving the house, he would.

Sipe was a feisty, strong willed lass and after so many stabs at the Big Brother Africa platform she was confident that this was her time to shine. Being a Hotshot was her big break without a doubt and she would carry the name of all struggling hair stylists and dreamers into her good fortunes.

Last on the list was Macky2, a visionary and hip hop artist who already had a following in his home country of Zambia. He wanted to be, in his own words, "the biggest act in Africa" and inspire people with his story. 

We wish all the Hotshots luck with their endeavours! Where do you predict they will end up?


  1. Macky2 will definetely do his best with the money a dwn to earth guy who indpires most youths in Zambia en the music industry, he will use his money for the orphanage which he has to help the less privilaged children he has a heart for children as he has seen hw difficult an orphan pass thru he is an example as he became an orphan at a tender age he does put o the effort to put food on the plates of orphans go go Macky Mulaza Kaira aka Macky2 yeah we ar behind u.

  2. The following list are the names of the winners-Tayo first position,Macky2 second position,Idris third position,ma'm mae forth position,Nlan 5th position others are going home so any result contrary to dis is fake and unacceptable.

  3. AL I no is tayo.........

  4. Idris or Nhla no.1, Macky2 2, Tayo 3

  5. All da dupe is 4 Macky2