Friday, December 12, 2014

'Sipe Is Late, I Have A Woman Already' - Macky2

Macky2's girlfriend, Hantinga welcomes him home.
During their stay in the Big Brother house, Sipe approached Macky2 a couple of weeks into the game and struck up a friendship with the Zambian rapper. Charmed by his tall, dark and intense posture she could often be seen snuggled under a blanket next to him or nestled in his embrace as they slept. 

For all intents and purposes, the Malawian beauty was Macky2's significant other inside the house. Though they didn't make too much of a public show of it, it was clear that she was the girl who certainly had her dibs on him and he was the actual keeper of her heart.
Macky2 and Sipe.
However, responding to questions on Radio Phoenix and ZNBC/TV2, Big Brother Hotshots 2nd runner-up Macky2 said Sipe is a lovely lady he wouldn't mind dating but it was unfortunate that he already has a woman he loves in his life.

Read excerpts below;

Hey Macky2 why don't you just date Sipe? You make a good couple.

Hmm Sipe is late I have a woman already who has been there and will always be there so yeah.

Hey Big man so now since you known are you going to work with your housemates and when are we going to expect an album?

Definitely going to work with my housemates who are willing but its a must I have to work with Trezagah, Permithias, Sheillah and the list goes on. And for the last 4 years have been realizing Albums every year so in 2 weeks time expect a song from me.

When are you meeting with D'banj?

We are meeting on Monday to discuss.

How did you manage that freeze moment when your girlfriend came and you couldn't do anything?

Well that was hard I had not seen her for 3 months and it was hard cause I had to freeze in order for Biggie not to deduct $10,000 from the prize so all housemates had to keep the rules though some people found it awkward cause she found me in bed with another woman.

Your best moment in the house?

The freeze moment, winning HoH, saying those speeches about our Presidents.

So tell us I hear you failed to go to the after-party when you were told about Michael Sata's death and knowing that you call yourself Michael Chilufya Sata Jr. How did you feel?

I knew about his death the moment I stepped off the stage and up to now am still shocked his one person I looked up to, one I loved and earlier this afternoon I went to visit his burial site and am still shocked I was actually the only Zambian who didn't know about his death.

The biggest challenge in the house.

Getting along with all those people with different cultures and different backgrounds...people have egos and all.

How did you manage to stay calm after what Tayo said that night of the drum?

I just gave Tayo his own taste of the medicine. The one thing I did in the house is to stay calm and control my temper.

Life outside the house.

Its a great feeling. I missed home...the language, the people the food and all.

You were up 5 times and Africa saved you. How did you feel that you didn't win?

It was quite disappointing bt it wasn't devastating. My main reason of going there was to expose Zambian music to Africa, market my music and Zambian music. Even if i didn't win the money, I achieved what I went there for. It wasn't that bad not winning.

How did you feel every Sunday when you were saved?

Every Sunday was hard, there's what we used to call Sunday fever, when Africa saves you, you feel good and have that feeling that Africa loves you.

Lessons learnt:

Self control is the main thing I learnt. People think differently and you have to tolerate everyone. Big Brother was like a cultural program where we exchange cultural manners and experiences.

Relationship with Sipe - what is a G:

I have been in a serious relationship for 2 years. I have found that one person i need in  life. Am the one girl type of guy. Sipe is someone I understood and she understood me. She will be visiting Zambia soon.

When Your girlfriend came in the house, she mentioned I love you I love you many times and said many people are getting married and having babies. What did it mean to you?

I'm sure she meant its about time we settled down.

His words to the people of Zambia.

This year Zambians voted more than they had voted before. I'm glad it wasn't about Kopala and XYZ it was about one Zambia one nation. I was over whelmed when I heard every time I also got the ROA vote. I want to say am grateful to everyone who voted.

Macky2 also took time to pay his respects to the late President of Zambia, Michael Chilufya Sata at Embassy Memorial Park.


  1. Who cares ur a loser.

    1. He is not a loser,why are you jealous of him

  2. He look down upon Nigerians, we r friendly pple

  3. Macky2 is sneaky and arrogant but he tried to hide it. He is not all that if you understand what I mean.

    1. Yes you have his perfect description and he knows nothing can not read well