Monday, December 01, 2014

The Journey

In changing things a little this week, Big Brother decided that the final extravaganza would form part of the finale show on Sunday night. Housemates would perform live from the Big Brother house.

The extravaganza had to be exactly four minutes long and had to showcase the talents of each of the remaining housemates. These features could include drama, poetry, comedy, dance and song.

Biggie challenged the housemates to also consider all the skills that they have acquired over the Hotshots season when crafting their act. This week’s extravaganza was themed: "The Big Brother Hotshots Journey".

Biggie gave the housemates the rest of the day to conceptualise and plan their performance.  In the evening, housemates would be asked to present their creative outline for the extravaganza to Big Brother. Housemates also had to prepare and submit a script for their showcase piece by tomorrow morning.

Housemates began work and Macky2 said that he wanted to make sure that the crew ended the show on a high note with a splendid presentation. We certainly could not wait to witness the splendour of an explosion of talent from the remaining housemates!

Do you think they will pull off a killer performance for Africa?

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