Sunday, December 07, 2014

Week 9 Roundup

This week was an absolutely interesting week which began with a couple of changes to alter the game slightly. There was no head of house, there were daily task presentations that all linked to the extravaganza presentation which was for Sunday. Housemates played for a mega reward which they received on Saturday night.

The house ran well with all housemates assisting in the management of the house. It was inevitable that the house would be a little quiet as there were only eight hotshots left and some had lost their closest friends. Biggie's tasks kept them busy as they had a memory wall to work on and complete as well as sculptures that encapsulated their individual experiences and highlights of their stay in the Big Brother house.

On Friday, before the party, housemates had their presentation which was a culmination of the week's mini presentations. Biggie was impressed by the effort put into the presentation and awarded the hotshots a mega reward to congratulate them.

The Friday night party was an epic one that ran for two hours and two deejays had an hour each on the decks and left the housemates exhausted from all of the dancing! It was indeed a fun-filled night that was filled with good music and good drinks.

Last night housemates were treated to a five star dinner with surprise guests and there was no doubt that the housemates enjoyed themselves.

The last week of the Big Brother experience saw the birth of The Three Suckers which created a strong bond. The three boys danced together and generally got up to no good. They began pranking the other housemates and it was all in the name of harmless fun! They were determined to have a happy week which was their last in the Big Brother house.

This morning, Tayo, Butterphly and M'am Bea retaliated and pranked The Three Suckers but it ended badly with Tayo arguing with JJ and issuing threats to deal with him after the show.

The house was indeed jam-packed with activity as the hotshots added their own drama. One of the tasks was to adopt characters and act them out. This was real fun and hotshots did their best to capture the characters that they picked out of the hat.

Despite all the drama and minor altercation between some of the remaining hotshots, the week was a beautiful experience with the hotshots as we got closer to them and experienced them more intimately than we have before. Biggy also gave the hotshots the opportunity to openly campaign and give the rest of Africa reasons to vote for them.

It's only a couple of hours before we know who will walk away with the hotshot title. Who do you think it will be?


  1. voting macky 2.....real hotshot

  2. Tayo is the winner

  3. Idris is the winner, piga keleleleeee. Oyoooooooooooo

  4. Tayo is d winnin man

  5. Tayo is the Winner. CONFIRMED