Thursday, January 08, 2015

Luis & Permithias' 'Mira' A Hit With Fans

Former Big Brother Africa housemates Luis Munana and Permithias Owoseb have gone from reality TV to the music industry, tapping in on the fame garnered during their time in the popular continental show.

With the release of the single 'Mira', written by Munana while in the house and featuring Permithias on vocals, the dapper duo has been making waves on social media. Big Brother Africa fans have been raving about the song which was released on iTunes recently.

"We have not received any negative response at all, everybody has responded very positively to the song," Luis said.

While Permithias is looking at working towards an album, Luis has no intention of becoming a recording artist but will be exploring his new-found songwriting talent by writing for various artists.

The two former housemates decided to record the song after fans pleaded for them to do so.

"The song was initially a poem I wrote for one of the housemates Mira in which I expressed how I felt about her. Permithias helped me turn the poem into a song and after constant pressure from our fans, we decided to jump into a studio and record," said Luis.

Luis entered the Big Brother house to discover some of his hidden talents and writing is certainly one of them, as he did not write poetry or music before entering the house. The model added that he already has some material which he hopes to pass on to artists.

"I wrote a lot while in the house, I always wrote most of the scripts for our tasks. I wrote something for Lady May and also for another African artist who I do not want to name at this moment before everything has been finalised," Luis said.

Embracing his new-found talent, the 'model-with-a-qualification' says he is looking forward to exploring more and going even further with his writing, not only music but some poetry too.

Click here to download Mira on iTunes or get it on MixRadio.

By Ndapewoshali Shapwanale / The Namibian

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