Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Macky2 Explains Hummer Purchase

I'm not rich, but I work hard and I can afford anything, says Big Brother Hotshots 2nd runner-up, Macky2.

Recently, the Zambian rapper and producer, real name Mark Mulaza Kaira, posted pictures on social media, showing off his brand new Hummer luxury car, igniting debate about who is Zambia's wealthiest entertainer.

According to Zambia's The Post newspaper, before the rapper showed off his Hummer H2 on social media, comedian Thomas Sipalo aka Diffikotti, posted a list of the country's top 5 richest artistes.

He placed fellow comedian Ozious Kaundulula Banda on top of the list, Real Masters ze Bigge on second, Kayombo on third, followed by Dalisoul and MC Wabwino.

The list attracted disapproval and surprise from fans who felt some of their favourite stars were left out, with some challenging Diffikotti himself who once lived lavishly at the peak of his TV talk show, to declare his worth.

The debate was sparked by Macky2's four-wheel-drive all-terrain military designed acquisition, which equally attracted a fair share of criticism.

"Learn to build houses, how do you buy a car that expensive and you have nowhere to sleep?" one of the fans commented.

Another fan congratulated the rapper for buying a Hummer, saying: "How do you leave Big Brother and get on cabs?"

But Macky2 boasted that he "can afford anything" because he works hard and is focused.

"People see me perform every week, everywhere. I'm not rich but I work hard every single day. Right now I'm in Petauke working. I am constantly working, so  basically I believe I can afford anything if I am focused and I deserve it," he told The Post.

The 29-year-old Copperbelt-based performer wondered how people could condemn his investment when he is thriving in his career.

"I charge K8,000 per show. I have one show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It's simple, people see me perform every week. But for some reason, they want to ignore all the hustle and all the work we put in as artistes," he explained.

He said artistes in Zambia had the opportunity to make more money than accountants and lawyers because the entertainment industry is lucrative.

"If you are an established musician, you have an opportunity to make more money at the end of the day," he said.


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