Monday, January 19, 2015

See Why Lilian Is Trying To Gain Weight

While most ladies are going to the gym in a bid to lose some weight, BBA's Lilian Afegbai has other plans.

In a recent interview with Nigeria's Punch newspaper, the 23-year-old model revealed that she is trying everything possible to gain some body weight, as she's too skinny.

"I do not do anything to remain slim. At the moment, I am doing everything possible to put on some weight. I am too skinny. When I want to relax, I watch movies and sometimes go to the beach with my friends," she said.

Lilian also talked about her Big Brother Africa experience, fame and future plans.

Read excerpts below;

"While I was growing up, I wanted to study theatre arts but my mum told me I could study a professional course like accounting or banking and finance and still pursue a career in entertainment. I became a professional model and actor over three years ago. I am currently the face of Diamond Bank Plc. My family is supportive of my career and they encourage me to chase after my dreams as long as I am not going to bring shame to the family or put myself in harm's way.

"I have always been a huge fan of the reality show and I saw how people used the platform to achieve great things. I believed that I could do same and that inspired me to apply. I waited till last year to participate because you have to be above 21 to qualify as a housemate. The audition was a long process. There were so many phases and every phase was as stressful as it was challenging. There were enough people to make you feel less confident but I believed in myself.

"Before we went into the house we were on lockdown for five weeks. It was not easy because we were shut out of the world. I found things to make my stay in the house interesting because it was easy to lose your temper. It was difficult living with strangers. In summary, everyday was fun.

"I was not disappointed I got evicted two weeks into the show. Instead, I was shocked because I did not expect to go home that soon. Immediately I joined the show’s host, IK, on stage, I put on my positive personae. I told myself everything happened for a reason and resolved to make the best of the little fame I had gotten. I am sure God allowed my early eviction because he knew I was not going to win. If I had won, I would have purchased a house for my family and invested the rest of the money.

"I am planning a talk show that will serve as a bridge between celebrities and up and coming talents. It is called 'The Lee show'. Production is still in the works and should make its debut soon.

"Since Big Brother Africa Hotshots, I get recognised at a lot of places I go to. I have people walk up to me every time just to say hello. Inasmuch as some people appreciate me , others dislike me for reasons best known to them. I have learnt to be calm and to ignore a lot of things. That is the only way I can build my brand."

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