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Big Brother Africa Gave Me This New Life - Pokello

Pokello and Blogger Princess Prom.
In an exclusive interview Princess Prom of AmeboThingz, BBA The Chase's Pokello Nare says she owes the new life she is living right now to the Big Brother Africa experience as well as her fans. Read the extract below;

I got to know Pokello during Big Brother Africa (BBA), who was Pokello before BBA?

Before Big Brother, I was and still a mother, a businesswoman, I was importing shoes from America, London and Brazil. I was a socialite from Zimbabwe. I don't even understand what socialite even mean or why i was a socialite but that's what they use to call me. So, they were familiar with my face before I went for BBA.

Where are you from?

My Father is a Sotho, he's South African and my Mother is Zimbabwean, I was born in Zimbabwe. I speak Shona which is a Zimbabwe language because I was born there. So I'm basically Zimbabwean by birth.

You said you're a mother, how were you able to maintain that as a busy woman? For sure your baby will definitely miss you when you are not around.

Yeah, I know, but I always make sure that when I'm in Zimbabwe, I attend all his soccer matches, athletics and whatever he needs when I'm there, so when I'm outside, he doesn't feel it much.

Is it true you loved sports and use to participate too?

Yes, I love sports and use to participate but not anymore.

So how did you come about the name Queen Of Swagger All Day Everyday?

Well, I came up with the name because I always make an effort to look good everyday with what i wear. So, I decided to call myself the Queen Of Swagger, "All day Everyday" was added after BBA because when I was in the Big Brother house, Elikem always used to say All Day Everyday. So you know, when I came out, I just started saying I'm the Queen of Swagger All Day Everyday. So, that's how that name came about.

So, Pokello was the first female Socialite Co-ordinator back in school?

Yeah, when I was in the Varsity, I was one of the Student Representative Council (SRC). They had an election on who is going to represent the students, and the position I ran for has been previously occupied by men. So when I won, it was the first time it has actually gone to a woman.

Would you say Big Brother brought fame to you?

BBA gave me this new life, I owe this life to the BBA experience and my fans.

If you are given another chance to go back for the BBA competition, would you go?

I would definitely go back, You know it's an experience that is unforgettable and it's something that I feel like I would want to do again. I always feel like I got evicted before my time, I felt like I was the game changer in the house, a lot of drama and controversy was always around me and it made me the centre of attention, I was good for TV, I think I would like to go back one more time.

Recently, you launched your Pink Button Shoes, how did you come about the name and business idea?

Like I said, before BBA, I had my own shoe store, since December 2011, and I've always been importing shoes from England, United State and Brazil. Elikem started giving me this idea that i need to start making my own shoes, designing and branding your own shoes. So, he pushed me into it and I said yeah, that's a good idea, we started doing the research and I knew I had to study shoe designing which I did online, so I did that for a year, I had to go to Italy to do the final exam and I did great

What has been the outcome so far?

We have three designs, the first is "the pointy collection" which I'm wearing now, it's classic and timeless. This is actually my first design. I want to have many colours and name them after all the girls I was with in Big Brother house. At first I was searching and started coming out with names. I thought about Huddah, one of the Housemates from Kenya, I named nude Monroe after her. I called the black one Ada because the black was the first one I lauched, Ada means first and that was Beverly, the Nigerian Housemate's name. I was very creative with some of those names, the Kessy Mint was named after Feza from Tanzania. Red Ria Rogue was named after Maria.

What was the response you got from the former Housemates when they got to know about their names and your shoes?

The response within the girls has been very good because at the same time, it also makes them remain relevant and people tweet about it online. I've given most of them their pairs, only five of them haven't received theirs. One of them came back and bought four pairs. I made another one that has my name on it, black and gold, then it has my name on the ankle, I made it for evening wears. You really need something with my name on it because that's the way I would love the brand to be many years from now.

You've really achieved so many things, some people will say good things, others will say bad things about you, how have you been able to live with it?

Well, the good thing is that people who watched me on Big Brother appreciate the fact that I am always real, even when I'm upset, even when I'm not happy, I can't pretend and i think people embrace that realness about me. They also appreciate the fact that I'm a hardworking woman, I'm not the type of woman that depends on her man or whatever to achieve something in life, I believe you should be hardworking on your own. And I'm always there for my son, he doesn't even feel the fact that Mummy is a single mum, I always make sure whatever Nathan needs, Nathan gets. I've been a mother from 17years old, so I feel like my whole life, I've been a mother.

Coming back to Elikem, what can you say about him?

He is an amazing man, very understanding, very patient.

Do you still keep in touch with your fellow housemates?

Yes, yes, I still keep in touch with almost everybody.

Lastly, whats your advice to those looking up to you?

I always say, stay true to who you are, it doesn't matter what people say. What's the point of being loved by everybody and you’re going to bed with lies?

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