Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Maria Launches RIA Clothing Line

Launched at a packed Piccolo restaurant at Maerua Mall in Windhoek on Saturday, April 25, reality TV darling Maria Nepembe's maiden clothing collection set the bar high as a trendy and exclusive brand that will surely make its way into countless fashion addicts' wardrobes.

Consisting of ready-to-wear pieces like A-line and midi-skirts, airy blouses, printed dresses and striped skirts as well as shift dresses in modern prints, RIA's only shortcoming was the mainly spring line being released just as Namibians are gearing up for winter.

According to The Namibian newspaper, a number of entertainers, media personalities, socialites and fashionistas were present at the launch, with many voicing their approval at the quality and style of the collection. Her family and friends also came out to support her, including her parents and grandfather.

With prices to match the quality and exclusivity of the brand, RIA clothing is available at Maki boutique, situated opposite Piccolo restaurant.

Speaking at the event, Big Brother Africa star and TV show host, Maria was positively glowing at the achievement of her dream of having her own fashion line. The trendy young woman is considered something of a style icon both in Namibia and across Africa.

“I target whoever is daring, loves to live outside the box and is ambitious,” said Maria. While catering for young women at the moment, she has plans to expand her line and design for the more mature woman and also men in future.

Often dogged with rumours and trolled on social media, Maria used the launch as a platform to speak to young women who face bullying. “Keep striving despite the challenges that come your way and if you have one thing to do with your life, live for yourself. Live for those you love and live for God.”

As for her hopes for longevity in Namibia's small fashion industry, Maria plans on keeping standards as high as possible. “I'll keep making quality stuff. If my passion is fashion, it's better to do it for everybody.”

The collection, of which Maria is the creative designer, was made in part with the help of a Ghanaian friend, whom Maria credits for helping put the creative vision together. “This collection is made in Ghana with fabric from Amsterdam, Milan, Paris and Dubai. I am in the process of having a Namibian fashion designer involved as well. I've also been looking for a few Namibian tailors.”

Maria would like to see the brand grow. “RIA is proudly Namibian. I would love for RIA to become a household name.” She said 10% of all proceeds from the sale of her brand will go to the Maria Nepembe Foundation which is her special project aimed at raising funds for charity.

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