Saturday, May 02, 2015

Melvin Survives Car Crash, Narrates What Happened

Big Brother Africa (The Chase) contestant, Melvin Oduah, has narrated how he survived a car accident yesterday while he was on his way to Benin.

He wrote: "Aero Contractors' decided to refund us due to scarcity of aviation fuel. I had an important appearance to meet up wit last night in Benin so I decided to hire a car to take me to Benin since I didn't have any oda option. Just as we were approaching ORE in Ondo State, One of the back tires bursted. The driver lost control........The picture you are seeing right now explains d rest of d story.

"Now the interesting part...... I came out of this vehicle without a scratch. My tab that I was holdin was intact. The dark sunshades dat I was wearing was also without a scratch. Not one single injury was recorded in this accident. Even the driver was not injured at all. I was still able to meet up wit d event in Benin and everything went on successfully.

"My people, Help me thank God for this wonderful miracle. The God I serve neither slumbers nor sleeps. He will give his ANGELS charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways. He who did not make u cannot break u. Thy shall walk through the fire and thy shall not b burnt. God 1st always."

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