Friday, June 05, 2015

BBA Season 10: Audition Dates Yet To Be Announced

Aspiring Big Brother Africa housemates will likely suffer for the sins committed by previous housemates, especially those from Big Brother Mzansi as broadcasters and producers of the reality shows — M-Net and Endemol Shine Africa — said they would start monitoring housemates' behaviour closely.

Over the years, housemates have been left to do as they please but squabbles which have led to disqualifications and the recent alleged rape in the BBM House have forced reality show producers to tighten screws by implementing additional measures to safeguard the well-being of reality show contestants.

M-Net this week said it would start monitoring the contestants' alcohol consumption after two housemates — Adams and Bexx were booted out of the show unceremoniously following alleged sexual misconduct early last month after a night of beer binging during their Friday parties.

The Pay TV said although results of Adams and Bexx's investigation suggested that there was nothing amiss, the broadcaster would tighten its screws in order to ensure the safety and well being of all housemates.

"An investigation was carried out by independent law firm Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr from April 6. The investigation didn't reveal clear suggestion that anything was amiss from the events leading up to the incident.

"The incident was escalated after a conversation between housemates. However, from now on, the house will be closely monitored," said M-Net in a statement.

Following the outcome of the investigation, M-Net and Endemol Shine Africa said the new measures would be a mandatory condition for the production of all reality shows.

The conditions will include "on-site content directors who will intervene immediately to address any suspicious conduct, whether on air or not, and then escalate to senior production staff."

"Alcohol consumption will be more closely monitored. Housemates must more frequently be reminded that they're responsible for making their own decisions but if necessary, the producers will intervene proactively. Future productions of the Big Brother shows must include a person solely responsible for risk mitigation and monitoring the on-going well-being of housemates and production teams will receive in-depth legal and ethical training on potential misconduct."

Audition dates for Big Brother Africa season 10 are yet to be announced with the show expected to kick off towards the end of the year.

Last year's BBA edition was won by Tanzania's Idris Sultan while Big Brother Mzansi's second edition was won by Soweto's Ntombi and Ace.

By Melissa Mpofu, The Chronicle


  1. Is it still going to be held in SA given the Xenophobia issue of last few months?

  2. what a Question, We are one colour blood , one people

  3. Ok....av bin checking out for BBA registration 2015 everyday, dnt wanna be left out dis tym....wanna der anyway I can knw 1st hand wen auditioning starts?