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Big Brother Translated To Life Lessons

"life does not talk to you. It sorts of pushes you around.." wrote Robert Kiyosaki, who elaborated that each push is life saying: "Wake up up. There's something I want you to learn..". That's what a make out of the reality show, Big Brother, and life itself. The reality show entails solid life lessons. Here are few things I have noted from Big Brother:

1. Strength and Ability (■)

"Yes we can", Barack Obama, in his speech, defined Ability in concise phrase during his term ko White House. But who knows, Trump might have the Ability too neh?

B.B conveys to you that people have what it takes to reach their goals. The motivation serves as the element that keeps us going. Those guys are in the race of the grand prize. People endure long hours of Marketing themselves, through being critical and creative being. We have the strength, we are just not motivated enough not to limit ourselves. We living a life of limitation, coz we are relaxed. We don't polish our long-term prize enough for it to shine enough to be visible for us. The visibility will get us working hard towards the prize. Ooh by the way, the prize is stagnant and waiting for us to go collect. But the journey is not easy, the journey is like paintball game. You get shot (challenged) as you crawling towards your prize.

Remember, you've reached some golden, but not ultimate, stages therefore your STRENGTH was approved for continuing to something bigger. You passed your Primary and made it to Secondary then Tertiary level. Now you're fit to make critical decision which aims at generation or loss of revenues. This leads me to the next point:

2. Intelligence (◇)

Characters meet as strangers, but are odd to make things happen. How are two people with different norms and morality, belief and understanding(IQ level) tolerate each other if they're dumb? Clearly is almost impossible! But their approach of producing the tasks (challenges) imposed on their journey of the ultimate prize accumulation makes it possible. Two stranger craft some top notch products! The astuteness behind producing a song in with two yet different versions (one in Native and English lingo version), can't be reached with empty thinking! Intelligence is the ability to cope in a versatile environment, tolerating someone with a different school of ideology is not pap and vleis samma stru's bob !

3. Confidence (☆)

Never be shy of people [who don't know you] in the journey of earning you Prize!
Confidence is key. If you engage in acts of accomplishing a mission of success never be shy to pursue what you desire because of the unknown individual. Do away with the stereotypical mentality of "they will judge me"! I have never come across a presenter who lacks confidence, that s why they lead us into accepting them and loving them through their confident deeds, thus they referred to as "Celebrities/Leaders/Legends/ICON/ etc." The characters in the series are just too real to who they are, they're living their lives and be accepted for that as such. Otherwise the contrary might be one of the eliminating element in the criterion of list. So never be shy, as it can stumble your CONFIDENCE thus discouraging you! It results in what is called "fear of the unknown". You're living life with limits once you got the latter syndrome!

4. The essence of coalition (#)

Social Cohesion is achieved through Maturity and Responsibilities.
People get together, strangers become friends some even spouses in/after that series. We have to work together as a people to achieve certain things: take heed elimination when you're at workforce- there are people who will want you to be eliminated for them to become winners, Charles Darwin calls it "survival of the fittest". The fascinating part of it is you have no option to sabotage whatsoever the other person's procedures. You need to work your butt up without snitching. The team hates to see you in weakest point or saying bye, thus the notion of support structure. Unfortunately there is one ultimate winner lols, otherwise we're all winner just not lucky to participate in certain stages at once. It's ok my reader, you're a winner your down-falls are your lessons neh? Sure.

Maturity and Responsibility- You're an adult and you are being treated as such. You are at liberty of access to certain things at an enormous volume- to avoid the most dangerous thing in life which is ADDICTION, you have a time table to access those items meaning you will therefore have to manage yourself to have and maintain self-control and avoid being controlled by certain things. By the way having your addiction skwed to one activity extremely might shift your focus from the ultimate bigger picture of your purpose in this life mission. Sex, alcohol as used enormously as examples in Life Orientation classes, for example if they're done in abundance they might shred your focus! Ekse Mandla Mthembu, you should've limited your love for Khanyi and Lavish materials while you focused on a way of getting more to maintain minimum standard, otherwise have for losing focus grootman ke life! Otherwise addiction can result into direct/indirect dull-witted "mistake", sure Oscar Pistoreous you, according to Nel and other external findings, had several cases [addiction] of playing with guns. Hade my man! I hope you coping in there at no corrupt privilege.

So, responsible maturity people limit themselves and ensure unity against all disagreements, it's fine to be loggerheads but don't allow it to derail you to working towards the better.

By the way addiction pitch as a result of pleasure short-term nogal. Ehsan!

Our beautiful South Africa could be a better country if the so called leader had a clearer understanding to the weight entailed in the word "Politics" which is synonymous to: diplomacy- public affairs – defined to be a system, I guess good ones, of being able to influence decision that affect of the country or society in a good way I reckon. Not the contrary that make our government system seem like a total disgraceful act of dullard-ism.

Ekse Zuma, Mmusi, Julius and others let's unite not only because of the analogy you would've done out of Big Brother, but because you need to comply with the rightful Rights of shaping a "rainbow nation". Maybe black and white might not be stupid underpinning of racism, lead our people gents!

Unity is power my good people, "united we stand, and divided we fall".

5. Discipline (=)

To break the ice, we can't get to other stages of success if we suffer from lack of Self-Discipline! Understand your reputation and maintain disciple. No one will disciple you even if they wish/try, it lies within you at the end of the day! Know your weak-points and deal with them curb your strong-points too don't get over excited.

It's not that many successful people didn't in certain acts that we engage in during our upbringing, No! They did get naughty and party, they just had limits and growth kicks in. Being old doesn't simplify growth if Discipline ke dololo!

6. Humanity and Forgiveness (♡)

You should see their (characters) emotions when one member gets eliminated, damn it speaks volumes! So warm and ncoooooh kinder thing.

Mind-you, this is an imperfect life we living in. We will be in dispute and anger/hate might erupt. It's okay, it's normal! But how do we get constructive if we have unfinished vendetta as adults? Recall MATURITY i mentioned; good you smart reader!! We need to settle matters, sideline our weakness that shadow the bliss view of this life if we forgive each other and join forces.

7. Emotional Management

I go around listening to people, and one day i heard someone say: "Decisions based on emotions are not decisions at all". Substantially, Kiyosaki highlighted that emotions can conflict our thinking; emotions leads to impulsive decisions thus halting the primary element of making decisions- the mind.

It's not wrong to be overtly emotional, but it can impact on the future. In BB instance, displaying emotions on HD will definitely outline one's weak-points and that can be used against you as a test. I've seen people loosing focus of the competition's fundamentals simply because they couldn't curb their enthusiasm. Some evictions were done purposefully to test other people's weak-points which is being too attached.

Failure to control our emotions might blur the view to reality. Simpy because someone is emotionally attached to a certain party, no matter how simple the facts may sound, that particular person will be hard-headed to support their wrong motion of their party. Shout-out to Trevor Manuel, Mbeki among other individuals who were impartial enough to accept that their party was offside on several stages. We will hardly solve crucial matters if we are emotional.

Let's not let emotions cost us. Just like sex, put it to the mind and deliver the best and experience karma sutra secretes or follow/nature your emotions and deliver two minutes mediocre.

It's because of the emotions that we are left with matters to solve after the SONA and even after what was supposed to be a peaceful six-nil soccer match.

Kana someone's pride is denying them to approach/aid a particular, most relevant, person for help due to some historical vendetta which apparently can't be Forgiven, Einstein tried finding solutions to it but unfortunately he did live longer, may his soul R.I.P. . Imagine if Mandela among other revolution heroes, couldn't forgive others, don't tell about rival politicians who advocated the antithetical, please – or else I'll remind you of the situation in Mugabe land! You will suffer san.

Brothers and sisters in the series are only human and are not always on good terms, but they forgive each other. Don't hate a fellow homo sapiens for bitter mistakes that doesn't change the price of the bread, for you won't conquer this world alone!

Like Ringo Madlinkosi sang "…ma si bambane nge zandla siba bonise…" FORGIVE my Zulu, but I have no intentions of relocating to ORANIA TOWN, therefore I will try hard to learn the language!

If this was to reach our parliament, I was gonna make a recommendation:
Allow Big Brother to host you for few seasons and The Constitution's contradictions will come to an end after those seasons. Let stranger political parties meet and be locked in one room with the aim claimed to being perpetuated currently.

However, DO NOT use any of the house in Saxonworld Biggie assomblief!

By Mokaze Lebogang Ronny

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