Publishing Text Messages to TV: FAQs, Terms and Conditions

About your message? Each message sent by SMS is placed in a queue for moderation.

There is no guarantee that your SMS message will be published to the strap, or published to the strap at the time that it was sent.

While all messages are placed in the moderation queue, they may not all be published.

This could be because:
1. The message might have been delayed and the subject matter is therefore no longer relevant to events taking place on the show.

2. The message might contain elements of one or more of the following:??·
. Inappropriate language (swear words, crude language)
· Vernacular: only messages in English will be published
· Racial slurs
· References to sexual activity, genitalia
· Politics, Political slogans
· Any incitement to violent action
· Hate speech
· Branding or Advertising
· URLs, addresses, emails, car registration numbers or phone numbers, contact details of any kind
· Inappropriate profile pictures or avatars

3. No new pictures / messages will be published between midnight and 06:00

4. Published messages will only be played-out once.

5. There is no way to determine exactly what time your message will be published, once it has been sent.

6. Your message will not be published on demand. If your message contains the word "Vote" it may automatically be filtered into the Vote or Competition queue.

Note: In order to be counted as a vote, all SMS votes must be sent using the following convention: Vote (plus name of contestant).

Reasons Why Your Avatars / Profile Pictures Aren't Published:
No images will be shown that contain:
1. Advertising or logos of any sort
2. Nudity
3. Offensive content
4. Prohibited content (drugs or alcohol)

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