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Taking night helicopter tour for enjoy the moon 300 meters high in Suzhou
DATE:2015-10    HITS:

On the evening of Sep.26, as the ceremony held, Suzhou people can not only have a panoramic view of the park ,but also the feelings of the "touching the moon". Helicopter tour made it no longer just a dream.

With the rapid development of the general aviation industry, helicopter tourism is more and more popular. RUOER GENERAL AVIATION DEVELOPMENT Group actively opens up new routes. Jinji Lake night tour was brought into being. This Night helicopter tour is the first one in mainland except for Victoria Harbour, Hongkong and Manhattan, NewYork. 

Mr. Lyu Yong, Chairman of the Group said,the Singapore Industrial Park with high degree of modernization, is very suitable for the night air tour project. "Taking into account the growing number of high-rise buildings, the flight height shall be raised to 300 meters high. Mr. Lyu Yong added,RUOHANG GROUP will continue to increase the intensity of the pilot training, expand cooperation with the domestic tourism resource to achieve 30 air sightseeing spots in the Yangtze River Delta region, with a total of 100 air tour points around China.